The fetish of Maribel Verdú, the actress who does not watch TV | Talent

I don't have a computer, ”says Maribel Verdú (Madrid, 1970),“ but if I lose my cell phone, it gives me something: it's my contact with the world ”. The actress, who premieres The Double Plus Fifteen, by Mikel Rueda - in which the protagonists know each other for a sex chat -, acknowledges not having time for the WhatsApp groups (“I delete them, they make me nervous”) or to the feedback Facebook: "I left because I was overcome, unable to respond to all messages." You will only find it on Instagram because “I have fun, the fans They can see what you do and the photos are beautiful. ”

As for public exposure, “it is everyone's business. I upload a photo with my boy once a year. ” With the tablet read the scripts ("but then I need them on paper") and devour series in streaming: “I have all the platforms. I really like Filmin and HBO. I can no longer see ads or wait for the episode of the week. ” Therefore, linear television, in few doses. "I only turn on the television if I roll out of Madrid early, to feel that I am not alone and that there are others who have made up before," he jokes.

On the use of technology, the winner of two Goya awards calls for common sense. “Like everything in this life, it is useful if it is practical, it contributes or entertains you. But misused is crap. ” And if I could play a character techie: "It would be nice to be the hacker of the 24 hour series ”.

“Music is my life,” confesses Maribel Verdú, who says he always has a wireless speaker on top. “Before watching television I prefer to listen to music, so wherever I go I always have a speaker. One of the JBL brand I keep in the theater, I also have a divine Bose. The last one my boy gave me was a Bang & Olufsen, oval, ideal. ”


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