The festival fever reaches the podcasts and lands in Spain with a great poster

The podcast is advancing slowly but surely in Spain. 2021 was the year in which this format exceeded one million daily listeners and began to consolidate and expand the range of offers. So much so that sometimes it's hard to keep up. The Ibero-American Festival Podcast Station aims to act as a shuttle, catalog and agora to discuss the challenges of a booming sector and that must learn to live with the media landscape of all life. It will be held from May 10 to 14 at Casa de América and the Círculo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid.

'Un tema al día', revelation podcast 2021, according to Amazon Music Spain

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There will be five days of round tables and twenty online programs carried out in Spain and Latin America, live. Behind the initiative are Andrés Rodríguez, editor of Spainmedia, a conglomerate that brings together international magazines such as Forbes and Tapas, and Carlos Galán, CEO of Subterfuge Radio, which broadcasts the podcast of the independent Madrid label. "It came about like everything else, with three beers and a great passion for a product," the latter tells, and that's how they came up with "replicating the model of a music festival, but on a podcast."

The Station Podcast poster is a sample of the latter. Well-known programs share the day with other emerging ones, so that together they form a synergy of discovery and consolidation. “We wanted to combine, between informative formats such as La Cafetera and others such as Las hijas de Felipe –a podcast on historical dissemination–. We also wanted new projects, different themes and different countries”, reveals Galán.

For this they have the content direction of Nacho Gallego, professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid specialized in the format, the executive production of Paz Galiana, from the Carne Cruda team and with the collaboration of PODIMO, an audio entertainment platform with the largest catalog of original podcasts from Spain and Latin America.

Among the main dishes, Carlos Galán highlights The Rare, a documentary podcast from Chile on social change; the recreation of War 3 with live actors; the presentation of 2 very legal blondes, the long-awaited podcast by Henar Álvarez (Good Goodness) and Moderna de Pueblo; and the special visit of Buenafuente. In many they have already hung the sold out sign.

The salseo of history calls you a lot ehhh pillines... 😁

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discussion tables

“Two ideas move us to promote Podcast Station: the roots of the podcast are already deep enough, but the advertising industry has not yet embraced it with interest and must do so soon or it will miss the boat; and that we feel that the time has come to draw the map of the best Ibero-American podcasters and make them known on both shores”, says Andrés Rodríguez.

These and other issues will be debated at the discussion and networking tables that will be held every morning at the Casa de América. "Many things need to be regularized, such as the use of music," highlights the CEO of Subterfuge Radio. He believes that they have lacked more music in the programming due to a rights issue, but “on the other hand we have realized that the word wins by a landslide. People listen to music when and how they want.

“I see that the podcast has that part of the radio, as a vehicle that made us fall in love and that feeling that Jesús Ordovás was whispering in your ear, and that modernity. You can listen to it on platforms, consume it the way you want, in parts, without having to record it in a bad way or spend an hour paying attention to it”, highlights Carlos Galán. In addition, "it is a way of expression for people of all stripes" and that differentiates it from the great traditional media: "You can talk about what you want and how you want".

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In Podcast Station, special programs such as Andar, which will be recorded on the street taking a tour; the presentation of the fiction of eight chapters Montserrat, from Mexico; Inside the Pyramid, with the archeology expert writer Nacho Ares; or La Noria, Elizabeth Duval's first talk show.

As special guests they will have the Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño (in the podcast This Works, by Juan Ramón Lucas); with Ángel Martín with his own podcast; with singer Miguel Ríos (on Javier Gallego's podcast) and many more. "That democratization is going to be valued, which is a self-published format and works without the need for great support from large corporations," concludes Galán.

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