August 12, 2020

The Ferrari was Sergio Ramos

Helmántico Stadium saw the birth of Sergio Ramos with the Red. Spain won 3-0 to China in a friendly and Sergio replaced Puyol in the break. Many things have changed since that March 26, 2005, Holy Saturday. The Salamanca Sports Union, owner of the stadium, died in 2013 and that debutante will beat the record of international matches with the Red today. 167 has disputed so far, the same as his friend Iker Casillas, companion in the great triumphs of the Spanish team and in his first Champions League with Real Madrid.

“It's amazing what he's doing, he has a great level, and he has to keep improving day by day. The spirit of improvement I always see in him. Add in everything in our daily relationship. His behavior is exceptional and now beats a record. He wants to play until 40 and if he proposes it, he will get it, ”said Robert Moreno the day he announced the call for matches against Norway and Sweden.

Sergio is almost the only survivor of the 2008 Eurocup that opened the Red winning cycle that was completed by the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Eurocup. Albiol and Cazorla were also there, but his career in the national team in recent times has been intermittent. Jesús Navas and Busquets arrived for the 2010 World Cup. But for Ramos the challenges are always few. This week the newspaper "El Mundo" revealed the plans of the Spanish captain to play the Olympic Games in 2020. «I haven't talked about the Olympic Games with him. That desire defines him as a footballer. He has one more motivation to add to his career. When you've won everything, it's hard to keep it. It would be unfair for everyone to keep someone just by name. The fair thing is that everyone maintains a high performance, but Sergio, whom I see training every day, will maintain his level, ”explains Robert Moreno.

Sergio is a reference for his teammates. For those who have time with him and for the new ones, like Pau Torres. «I always looked at the centrals of the national team. It is a privilege to be able to share costumes with Sergio Ramos, ”says the Villarreal player. «The numbers he has speak for themselves. But he is a leader, he does everything in the locker room. It is strong in one on one. It is one of the best in that. He has great air power, he is always there when the team needs him, ”he adds.

Diego Llorente already knew him from previous calls and his time at Real Madrid. «I have spent many years in the quarry in Madrid, I have shared some training with him and now I am lucky to live this experience with him in the national team. All you can learn from him is little. He has a career and an experience that can give you a lot as a player, ”he says the headquarters of the Royal Society.

Llorente has seen the evolution of Ramos as a player from close range. «Just a few years ago I had a more physical quality than anything else, but now the experience and tactical concepts that can be transmitted to you are of great help. As you take years tactically you become smarter », He says.

«He is the captain, the figure we all look at. He is a very big professional. It is a pleasure to have you here with us. I learn from him every day, ”says Sergio Reguilón, another who has shared costumes with him at Real Madrid and now opens with the national team. Ramos is the connection with the champion Spain, which now wants to be again. "That there are people who still follow that generation enriches the selection," says Llorente.

When Fernando Hierro was the captain of Spain he warned that behind him came a Ferrari that was going to break all his records. He was referring to Raul, but the Ferrari was Sergio Ramos.

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