The Feroz are torn between good and evil by rewarding 'The Kingdom' and 'Champions' | Culture

The Feroz are torn between good and evil by rewarding 'The Kingdom' and 'Champions' | Culture

For a good bilbaíno, the only capital (of the world) that recognizes is its city. But this Saturday Bilbao was also the capital (at least Spanish) of the film and television industry. A week after the Forques came to Zaragoza and two before the Goya dress gala Sevilla, the exodus that live awards ceremonies – among other reasons for lack of sponsorship – yesterday moved the Feroz ceremony for the first time outside from Madrid. Cultural multicapitality that has, however, the same favorites, two films that show a Spain divided between good and evil. The drama about corruption The kingdom, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, it devastated in five of the main dramatic categories, although protagonism was shared with the blockbuster Champions, crowned best comedy and favorite of the mayor of the city, Juan María Aburto.

The success of Javier Fesser's film, about a basketball team made up of players with disabilities, maybe it was written, since the city, supplier of the event, gave in for the occasion the Bilbao Arena, a pavilion more accustomed to celebrate Bilbao Basket games than to see parading its stars such as Inma Cuesta, Jose Coronado, Alejandro Amenábar or the presenter Ingrid García-Jonsson. The actress captained a more carefree show, drunk and with more taunts (perhaps because it was only broadcast on YouTube, "we have not wanted any chain", where about 7,000 spectators gathered) not only for the filmmakers and some of the 235 journalists from the Association of cinematographic informers of Spain, who choose the prizes, but also for the 3,000 spectators who occupied the stands prior payment and who turned this event into wine and cigars of Najwa Nimri in one of the few with public.

Although The kingdom could not have life in his companion's box office, the film did not need the tricks of its leading politicians to take home the awards of drama, direction, screenplay (of Sorogoyen himself with Isabel Peña), leading actor, for the omnipresent , except at the gala, Antonio de la Torre, and supporting actor, for Luis Zahera, one of those easy faces to recognize in film and television even if his name is not so well known. "The prizes also come in envelopes, huh," Garcia-Jonsson told them at the gala. The categories of actresses shared, yes, for one of the revelations of this year, Eva Llorach, for Who will sing to you, Y Anna Castillo, for Travel to a mother's room. The latter also achieved a double in film and television, thanks to Arde Madrid, repeating the feat that Javier Gutiérrez achieved a year ago. I was grateful to the rest of the actresses, all of whom were cast in television. "I'm going to catch a fart, I'll tell you," warned excited.

The cast of 'Arde Madrid' celebrates its award.
The cast of 'Arde Madrid' celebrates its award. EFE

Perhaps this multiplication of events in Spain makes it more difficult to gather the most pomegranate of the stardom Spanish in the same field (to take to Cruz and Bardem of north was not going to be simple), but in the Feroz that compensated the present popularity of the series, to which also it rewards. On the red carpet they walkedyoung people of the Netflix global phenomenon, Elite, which attracted a good number of teenagers crowded at the door with their umbrellas for the sirimiri, and the troupe of Paquita Salas (Although the Javis had to be absent due to the flu leaving the Feroz without their already popular party), which is also part of the ubiquitous Castle. The two favorites of television were, even so, those that had written the script: the comedy Arde Madrid, by Paco León -who could not finish his speech because of the sponsor wine- and Anna R. Costa, Y Fariña, the only series open in the fight, and how The kingdom, of Antena 3. A recognition to the small screen in which it is still missing a wolf face for the writers, who were parodied in a sketch.

Television curiously also lives that dichotomy between the good, reflected in the servants of Ava Gardner in Madrid of the series of Movistar, and the evil, that of Sito Miñanco and the traffickers of the coasts of Galicia in Antena 3, with three prizes each. A Spain as surreal as the honor prize, José Luis Cuerda, would never have written, after a lifetime of many films and few awards (he did not take it either Time after tonight) a Bilbao paid homage at his feet. In fact, there was no better homage to Cuerda than illogical and animated speeches in wine veritas of the Feroz.

The winners of the Feroz 2019 awards

Best dramatic movie

The kingdom, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Best comedy

Champions, by Javier Fesser

Best address

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, for The kingdom

Best actress protagonist

Eva Llorach, for Who will sing to you

Best leading actor

Antonio de la Torre, for The kingdom

Best Supporting Actress

Anna Castillo, for Trip to a mother's room

Best Supporting Actor

Luis Zahera, for The kingdom

Best screenplay

The kingdom, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña

Best original music

Alberto Iglesias, for Who will sing to you

Best trailer

Who will sing to you

Best poster

Who will sing to you

Best drama series


Best comedy series

Arde Madrid

Best actress, television star

Inma Cuesta, for Arde Madrid

Best actor in television

Javier Rey, for Fariña

Best actress of television distribution

Anna Castillo, for Arde Madrid

Best Supporting Actor in Television

Antonio Durán Morris, for Fariña

Fierce special

Between two waters, by Isaki Lacuesta

Best documentary film

Notes for a robbery movie


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