The Fenerbahçe silences the Palau | sports

The Fenerbahçe silences the Palau | sports

The Fenerbahçe deflated the state of euphoria that is breathed in the Palau Blaugrana for a while now. It was becoming a fort, with conclusive victories against Maccabi, Armani Milan and Real Madrid, and a game that was efficient, effective and often spectacular. Therefore, the merit of the Turkish team was extraordinary. He rounded up a formidable match and blew the Barca's lair to pieces.


Barcelona Lassa: Pangos (0), Kuric (10), Claver (2), Singleton (3), Tomic (7) – initial team-; Séraphin (6), Pau Ribas (5), Hanga (16), Blazic (2), Heurtel (2), Pustovyi (3) and Oriola (9).

Fenerbahçe: Muhammed (16), Green (4), Kalinic (9), Melli (10), Duverioglu (2) – initial team-; Arna (0), Guduric (13), Vesely (11), Datome (11) and Lauvergne (8).

Referees: Lamonica, Koromilas and Nedovic. Eliminated: Lauvergne (m.37). They pointed out a technique to Pesic and an unsportsmanlike one to Oriola.

Palau Blaugrana. 6,013 spectators. 10th day of the Euroleague. Barcelona has six victories and four defeats.

Ali Muhammed, the Chicago base who at 35 years old and after a long nomadic stint in half of Europe, seems at the height of his career. His exhibition of management, search of offensive solutions and shot lastró to Barcelona, ​​which was in tow and came to see little less than dismissed from the game (23-38). Erick Green, the Spaniard of Valencia, and the succession of players who shuffled Zeljko Obradovic, now Melli or Kalinic, then Vesely and Gurudic, or Lauvergne and Datome, threw a wave that submerged Barcelona from start to finish.

Only the emergence of Hanga midway through the second quarter marked a turning point, although with limited effects. The Hungarian forward revolutionized the constants of his team, somewhat undaunted by the exhibition of Fenerbahçe. His nine points in eight minutes and his vibrant and aggressive style spurred his team (34-39). But it ran out of oxygen. He asked for the change.

Barcelona went to rest without a single rebound in attack, one of the details that Pesic valued in such an illustrative way when he relieved Sito Alonso in February. "A player who has three cars in the garage does not go to the offensive rebound," he said then. He must have remembered it during the break. Barcelona improved in that aspect and in the relationship of thefts and losses, but Melli, with seven points almost consecutive, and all the team of Obradovic returned to work wonderfully in attack. The ball moved from hand to hand, blockades and feints ended up depositing it in the possession of a player in free positions to take a forced, easy shot.

The superiority of the Turkish team was extreme. Pesic tried everything. After having placed Pangos and Heurtel in unison, he later included Pau Ribas and the Ukrainian center Pustovoyi with Hanga. Barcelona faked with a slight reaction (58-68). The Palau was animated. But Guduric with seven points in a row, Kalinic, Datome, all went on spinning the game.

The blow of authority of Fenerbahçe left ice cream to the Palau and redrew the image of a limited Barcelona, ​​inferior, without more, needed much more consistency, with several players surpassed, starting with their bases, both Pangos and Heurtel. Fenerbahçe broke the dynamic of a team that had become strong precisely at home. This time, the Palau was a bicoca for Obradovic's squad.

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