August 5, 2020

The FEMP attaches “special importance” to 8-M this year for the “defense and protection” of the achievements

This was agreed during the Governing Board of the FEMP, held on Tuesday, in which an Institutional Declaration was made appealing to the mobilization during International Women’s Day so that “gender equality is a reality”.

“We must continue to gather efforts, from the legality and equity and with the voices of all and of all, so that women live free from fear, receive the same salary for work of equal value and are represented, equally, in the political and business decision-making bodies, “dictates the Institutional Declaration.

In this way, they appeal to governments, public and private institutions, civil associations, social agents and citizens to take to the streets to “take stock” of the achievements and demand, “with one voice”, compliance with the measures that guarantees a joint partnership.

The FEMP has proposed to the Local Entities different initiatives to join the claims of 8-M. These include adhering to the Institutional Declaration, recognizing the measures of the Beijing Platform for Action as a strategic axis of work, reaffirming the commitment to real and effective equality and recognizing that inequality is based on beliefs.

They also propose to ratify the commitment to the 2030 Agenda and its objective related to Gender Equality, insist on the need to intensify policies aimed at equal opportunities and claim the need to provide Local Entities with the necessary means to carry out the powers set forth in the State Pact in matters of Gender Violence.


On the other hand, the FEMP has also made an Institutional Declaration in solidarity with the families of missing persons without apparent cause, whose day is celebrated on March 9, as approved by the Congress of Deputies in 2010.

They consider that this commemoration acquires an “added relevance” on the occasion of the tenth anniversary. They also demand the “involvement” of institutions to play an active role in the face of the reality of disappearances.

“Solidarity with their families and the availability of resources to alleviate their suffering are competences that are competing for us and a reality that challenges us,” says the Institutional Declaration.


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