The feminist strike of March 8 on television | TV

A year ago, Ana Rosa Quintana decided at the last moment that her morning program on Telecinco was not going to be broadcast on March 8 in support of the feminist strike. The space was replaced by an informative special about the International Women's Day. In other chains, Susanna Griso did not participate in Public mirror in Antena 3, which he presents and directs daily, but the program did have a special broadcast without it. In TVE, last year the program La mañana was not broadcast after a group of workers managed to cancel their broadcast. A year later, how has the coverage of the strike in the main chains?

In Telecinco, Ana Rosa Quintana this year if she has done her program. He has not joined the strike, but he has focused part of his space on everything related to this March 8. The presenter wanted to launch a feminist message and has shown a shirt that read 'Women to power. # 8M '. "It is undeniable that we have a glass or concrete roof and we have to break it because real equality will come when women are in important positions in society," said Quintana. Before the program of Ana Rosa, in the morning news, the presenter Alba Lago has been in front of the news show wearing a purple jersey. The rest of Mediaset's live programs will keep their broadcasts throughout the day with special coverage of the strike.

In Antena 3 this year Susanna Grisso has been in charge of Public mirror. She has not been as vindictive as her partner in Telecinco, but the program has been focused on Women's Day and the presenter has confirmed that she will attend one of the events organized for the afternoon. The program has counted with invited like Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, president of the Council of State, and women representatives of the main political parties. Griso has also had a memory for his mother, "a pioneer and fighter, a very important mirror".

In the 1 of TVE the spectators have been able to see in the morning the docuserie They, presented by Blanca Portillo, instead of The morning, the program directed and presented by María Casado (who is also president of the Television Academy), which did strike, as a warning on Thursday night. RTVE has put on all its channels a fly that reads "RTVE with equality".


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