April 15, 2021

The Feminist Network calls for specific actions on the Island instead of demonstrations

The Feminist Network of Gran Canaria calls for specific actions in the streets on March 8 (8M), International Women’s Day, instead of mass demonstrations, with the aim of guaranteeing health security in the context of the pandemic during the events of vindication of the real equality between women and men.

This year, the feminist movement of the Canary Islands unites under the common motto Canarian Feminisms without Borders, which vindicates the rights of migrant women in a year also marked by the migratory crisis in the Canary Islands and the inhuman conditions of overcrowding in the Arguineguín pier where many women were separated from their sons and daughters upon arrival.

For this reason, the feminist movement claims in the Archipelago “inclusive and diverse feminisms, without physical or symbolic borders.” “Without physical borders, because we demand the defense of the human rights of migrants, with special concern for the situation of women” and “without symbolic borders, because we have come together to make a diverse March 8 visible, symbolizing that we are fighting together ”, picks up the manifesto.


Thus, the Feminist Network of Gran Canaria invites citizens to “fill neighborhoods, streets, homes, places of work and study with violet.” “This March 8, dress in purple, hang purple things on your windows, balconies, car or bicycle,” they announce.

In addition, the network has convened in the capital of Gran Canaria a “human chain for equality” on Avenida Marítima, on March 8, at 6.30 pm, at the height of the Monument to the Latin Sailing, with all the security measures health against coronavirus. Registrations can be made through the Facebook profile 8M Feminismos Canarios sin Fronteras. The reading of the manifesto will be broadcast live through this same page.


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