The feminist demonstration starts in 8M in Barcelona

Thousands of people participate in the feminist demonstration on March 8 that began shortly after 5:00 p.m. in the University Square of Barcelona, ​​in which real equality between men and women is claimed.

The head of the demonstration, formed entirely by women, is chaired by a banner that says "Self-organization and feminist revolts against precariousness and borders. Together and diverse for a dignified life."

In the first rows, in which the color purple predominates, you can also read other posters with slogans such as "We stand for the world to work", "real men are feminists", "I will love myself above all things" and "your silence only protects him".

Minutes before the march began, a batucada group sang the Chilean feminist chant "The rapist is you," which went viral worldwide at the end of last year.

Protesters will tour the Gran Vía of Barcelona and go down the Paseo de Sant Joan to the stage of Arc de Triomf, where a manifesto will be read and there will be musical performances.


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