August 11, 2020

The feminist choreography "A rapist in your path" extends through Peru

The viral choreography against sexist violence "A rapist in your path", created by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis, has infected the neighboring country of Peru and this Saturday hundreds of Peruvian women staged the steps simultaneously in several cities on Saturday.

The most massive representation took place in Lima, where hundreds of women attended the call of feminist organizations.

The dance against the rapists was practiced in the Kennedy Park, in the Lima district of Miraflores, where from Thursday the photographic exhibition "Women" is exhibited, with 42 snapshots of the Efe Agency archive to affirm the role of women as absolute protagonist of history

It was the third time that this choreography replicated around the world was carried out in a massive way in the Peruvian capital, because this week it had already been put into practice in the Plaza San Martín and in the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM).


Among the women who joined the public representation were of very varied ages, from university students to the elderly who danced to the rhythm of drums among other percussion instruments and with the green scarf that has become the emblem of this movement.

A group of them danced with a bare chest, where each one had painted a letter to form the phrase "the rapist is you", which is said at the peak of the performance.

Others carried signs with the names of the most emblematic victims of sexist violence in Peru, such as that of Eyvi Ágreda, who was burned alive on a bus by a stalker of his, or that of Jimenita, a 10-year-old girl who was abducted, raped and killed by a man last year.

At the end of the performance, the concentration of women starred in an improvised demonstration around the park that ended at the entrance of the enclosure, where the Ricardo Palma Book Fair is currently located, and there they once again staged the choreography.


A few meters away was the church of the Miraculous Virgin, where Catholic groups had formed a human chain around the main gate to prevent the feminist demonstration from reaching the religious precinct.

This conservative group of dozens of people prayed and prayed the rosary dressed in blue scarves, as opposed to the greens of feminists, who represent their position against abortion and gay marriage.


In addition to Lima, the choreography of "A rapist on your way" was also performed in other cities of the Peruvian territory such as Arequipa, Cusco and Trujillo, given the high levels of sexist violence that persist in the country.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP), 152 feminicides have been registered in Peru this year, which is 8.5% more than the 140 that occurred throughout 2018.

The cases of rape reported by the MIMP exceed 6,400 so far in 2019 and almost two thirds of them have had minors as victims.

At least 3,529 women were murdered in 2018 alone for reasons of gender in Latin America, according to the Gender Equality Observatory of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the UN arm for development in the region.

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