Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

The female representation falls in the nominations of the Goya 2020 Awards

The 34 edition of the Goya Awards will start tomorrow, January 25, in Malaga. In view of the great festival of Spanish cinema, the most important are the nominees who can win an award overnight. This year the figures have surprised the public since the representation of nominated women has fallen compared to the two editions held previously.

In general, the Goya Awards follow similar lines every year, just one 26% of nominations are for women and 74% falls to men. But especially, this year there is no female presence in the most important categories such as best film and best direction.

The results of the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media reveal the low female representation

The Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA) She has been in charge of revealing the calculations that show the percentages of the representation of women in the nominations. Of the total number of applications, which are 91 without counting interpretive categories, the 21.5% corresponds to women and the 19.5% to nominations shared with men.

The CIMA also highlights the absence of nominated women in seven of the most important categories. The Film Academy It has not included female representation in the nominations for best direction, original screenplay, photography, artistic direction, original music and animated film.

On the other hand, some women share nomination with men in six different categories: film, adapted script, sound, documentary short film, animated short film, makeup and hairdressing. And only in six categories are women nominated for their individual work: novel direction, production design, documentary film, Ibero-American film, European film, fiction short film, and Goya de Honor (the latter will be delivered to Marisol).

The representation falls compared to 2018 and 2019

In comparison with previous editions, the presence of women was higher, specifically in the two galas before this year. In 2018, there were two women competing for Best Film and finally won the Isabel Coixet award with The bookstore. In addition, he also won Best Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay. At the gala last year, there was also a film nominated for the Best Film Award, Carmen and Lola. But, although he failed to win it, he managed to win the Best New Director.

Isabel Coixet in the 32 edition of the Goya Awards

Isabel Coixet in the 32 edition of the Goya Awards
(Dani Duch)

Feminist initiatives

In addition to providing data on the representation of women in the nominations of the Goya Awards, the CIMA has also pointed out that for the 34th edition there is no initiative such as those that have been carried out in previous years. In 2018 the motto was “More women” and in 2019 it was titled “Not one less” against sexist violence. In both cases they were distributed red fans Attendees

In 2018 the chosen motto was 'more women' and red fans were distributed to the attendees

In 2018 the motto chosen was ‘more women’ and red fans were distributed to the attendees
(Dani Duch)

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