The FEF, victim of a computer attack by a “mafia” organization

The FEF, victim of a computer attack by a “mafia” organization

The Spanish Football Federation denounces the theft of documents, conversations and private audios of the president and the general secretary

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The Spanish Football Federation (FEF) is going to report to the National Police the theft of information from its email accounts, as well as private text and audio conversations of executives of the body. Everything seems to indicate that information has been illegally stolen from the private terminals of the president (Luis Rubiales) and the general secretary (Andreu Camps), as announced by the FEF on Thursday.

“It is likely that this private information obtained illegally and with clear criminal purposes has been offered to different media outlets. This conclusion has been reached after being a journalist who has advanced to the FEF the next publication of this illegally stolen material that the media has received, according to the journalist, through an anonymous informant who has contacted an encrypted voice and has put it its availability through a mobile application, "revealed the FEF.

The aforementioned media outlet claimed to have received, through third parties, confidential contracts, private WhatsApp conversations, emails and abundant documentation from the field of FEF management, which, if authentic, "would be a crime of disclosure of secrets and a violation of the fundamental rights of the people attacked". The FEF has brought these facts to the attention of the Department of Security and Integrity, which will denounce "this criminal and mafia action before the corresponding agencies."

For a few months, the Federation and its directors have been the object of attempted computer attacks such as hacking and phishing, which were promptly reported to the Police. The attacks led the federal entity to hire a company specialized in the matter in order to carry out a copy of the threatened content, expand the level of security and prevent, as far as possible, future attacks.

In this process, coordinated with the Department of Security and Integrity of the FEF, a backup of three federal executives was made, including the president and the general secretary. "There is evidence of an organized criminal action aimed at the subsequent revelation of secrets through the distribution of confidential documentation with a clear spurious intention," says the body chaired by Luis Rubiales.

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