The FEF studies denouncing Tebas for allegedly encouraging Rubiales "to charge"

Luis Rubiales and Javier Tebas, at a press conference. / the mail


He accuses the president of LaLiga of conspiring in a plot to end the Canarian leader and Alejandro Blanco at the head of the COE

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The war between Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales continues to grow, and this Wednesday saw a new chapter, with more hitherto unknown protagonists involved in the personal battle between the presidents of LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), as who was secretary general of Ángel María Villar, Gerardo González Otero. The FEF announced this Wednesday that it is studying denouncing Tebas before the ordinary justice after revealing some audios in which the president of the club association would have encouraged Rubiales and the top leader of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro White.

Tebas also accused Rubiales on Wednesday of having sent "a false whistleblower" to a meeting last Saturday "to record" the reaction of the president of LaLiga to his complaints. "This guy's obsession with spying on and recording everyone does not stop and has no limits," Tebas wrote on his social networks in reference to Rubiales. Previously, the top leader of LaLiga responded to information from 'Ok Diario', which this Wednesday titled on its cover: «Thebes admits that he knew about the punctures against Rubiales. You have to charge him, and Alejandro Blanco ». "The headline is false... he was not the first nor will he be the last," Tebas wrote.

The FEF regrets "that the president of an organization that is part of the federative structure can conspire in a plot where it is even a question of capturing or advising - as he himself has recognized - federative employees with the search for a clear objective: 'There are to kill Luis Rubiales and Alejandro Blanco'", highlighted the federative body, which shows "its deep concern about the relevance and significance of these statements, in the process of awarding the 2030 World Cup", which aspires to organize Spain together with Portugal .

"The FEF wants to serenely convey to all football agents that it is time for unity and work with the mind set on continuing to build the present and future of Spanish football together," claims the body led by Rubiales, reported to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for irregularities for having brought the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, with a commission including Gerard Piqué, apart from being accused of having recorded private conversations with high-ranking government officials and of having spied on the president of the AFE, David Aganzo.

However, Tebas has also been accused by 'Okdiario' of spying on Rubiales, with the publication of some alleged audios. "Javier Tebas was aware of all the details of the illegal espionage operation on Luis Rubiales' mobile phone." «At one point in this recording, an interlocutor assures: 'Here the objective is to charge us here with the Rubialismo, Luis and, in line with what you told me yesterday, Gerardo, on the subject of Córdoba. In the pack we can also include Alejandro Blanco. Do we kill both of us or…?'. And then Thebes says: 'Yes, yes. Let's see, we have to kill Luis Rubiales'. In this way, it is confirmed that the president of LaLiga had the leading role in the attempt to give the president of the FEF a civil death, ”it is written in this medium.

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