The FEF approves a surplus of 32.8 million

The FEF approves a surplus of 32.8 million

Luis Rubiales, in the center, presides over the Extraordinary General Assembly of the FEF. / RFEF

The extraordinary assembly of the body chaired by Rubiales ratified the accounts endorsed by a favorable audit report


The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Spanish Football Federation has approved this Tuesday by an absolute majority (93% support) the accounts for the 2021 financial year, which closed with a surplus of 32.8 million euros. The application of this result proposed by the board of directors of the body chaired by Luis Rubiales has also been approved: allocate that benefit to the social fund, which will receive 2,814,871 euros, and to the new contingency fund, to which 30 million will be injected. of euros.

The accounts had already been extensively detailed in the meeting held on May 30, but they were not approved pending the auditors' report. Once received, said audit report does not contain any caveat or paragraph of emphasis, neither in relation to the 2021 balance sheet, nor in relation to the other aspects included: the profit and loss account, the statement of changes in equity , the statement of cash flows, and the liquidation of the income and expense budget referring exclusively to the 2021 financial year.

In this extraordinary call, most of the 99 people who have participated in the assembly have done so electronically, in connection with the Luis Aragonés assembly hall of the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas. In person, he has chaired lRubiales, accompanied by his vice president, Pedro Rocha, Andreu Camps, secretary general, and treasurer Eduardo Bandrés.

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