The Fed plans to keep rates in the US before the solid perspectives

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) It plans to keep interest rates unchanged for a while, given the confidence in good economic prospects and signs of "global stabilization," as revealed in the minutes of its last monetary policy meeting in late January, published Wednesday.

"The expected economic growth continues at a moderate pace, supported by the expansive monetary and financial conditions," said the minutes of the last meeting, in which it was agreed to leave interest rates unchanged in their current range of 1.75 % and 1.5%.

"In addition, some commercial uncertainties have been reduced recently, and there were signs of stabilization in global growth," the US central bank said.

However, he warned that "doubts" remain about the threat that the outbreak of the coronavirus in China may imply, "which emerged in early January in the city of Wuhan.

Leaving rates in the same range, the Fed added, "would offer time to evaluate their current effects on the economic activity of the change to a more expansive policy last year and would also allow more information on the outlook to be accumulated."

The central bank has been repeatedly criticized by US President Donald Trump, who has insisted that he should lower the price of money to stimulate economic activity.

The next Fed meeting is scheduled for March 17 and 18.

Last month's meeting took place before more details were known about the extent and magnitude of the coronavirus expansion, which has overshadowed global economic forecasts.

To try to contain the outbreak, China, the second world economy behind the US, has applied severe internal travel restrictions and numerous factories have halted or slowed down their activity.

According to the last official part of the health authorities of the Asian giant, the death toll already reaches 2,004 people -136 more than this Tuesday-, the number of infected 74,185, and the number of serious cases 11,977, although it seems that the pace of expansion is It has slowed down.


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