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The draw of the Child Lottery 2020 It is held on Monday, January 6 at 12:00 in the lottery and Betting of the State drawing room and distributes another year, 700 million euros in awards. Although it does not generate as much expectation as the Christmas Lottery, ‘El Niño’ is also anot of the most anticipated events by the Spanish that, in the absence of a few hours to celebrate, they continue to queue in the administrations to acquire the last sayings.

You may follow it live on our website and check if you are one of the winners in our Child Lottery Checker.

The favorite numbers of the Children’s Lottery
0 is the ‘favorite’ ending of the first prize of this Extraordinary Draw of ‘El Niño’, having left on a total of 21 occasions, according to the figures provided by the State Lottery and Betting Society of the State (SELAE).

Also, according to data collected by Europa Press, 0 is followed by frequency number 7, which has appeared on 14 occasions, followed by the number 9 with a total of 13 appearances.

In the ranking of the most fortunate endings are listed below number 4, which has come out on 12 occasions (it was graceful in both 2016 and 2017), followed by numbers 5 (eleven times, the last in 2018), 6 and 2 (ten appearances), 1 (nine times), and number 8 (eight). Finally, by frequency of appearance, it is found in number 3, which has appeared six times.

As for the most graceful places in geography, Madrid is the one that has won the First Prize the most (41 times), followed by Barcelona (36), Bilbao (18), Valencia (14) and Seville (10).


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