Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

The favor that Sanchez has done to Rajoy when raising an electoral advance

El favor que Sánchez le ha hecho a Rajoy al plantear un adelanto electoral

Pedro Sánchez He has done me a favor Mariano Rajoy by ringing the bells of the electoral advance. If the President of the Government calls for elections in April, the Cortes will be dissolved and the laws that are being processed will lapse as well as the rest of the parliamentary initiatives in progress. Thus, the various commissions of investigation that are followed in the Congress and the Senate will be deactivated.

One of those that has given more than talk is the famous commission of inquiry into the alleged corruption of the PP. They have paraded through it Esperanza Aguirre, José María Aznar, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, Jorge Fernández Díaz, Luis Bárcenas and Daniel de Alfonso. In the commission, chaired by the deputy of Nueva Canarias, Pedro Quevedo, there have been moments of tension, especially as a result of the interventions of the ERC representative, Gabriel Rufián.

The commission has been working since 2017, but still had things to do. Yesterday when the plenary session in which the Congress had the budgets of the Government ended, there was a meeting of the Bureau and spokespersons of this commission, which was not attended by the representatives of ERC, Rufián, and the PNV, Miquel Legarda

The deputy of Citizens asked Melisa Rodríguez asked for the appearance of Mariano Rajoy, from the current PP spokesman in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, and the businessman Florentino Pérez, according to explain sources present in the meeting. The deputy of Podemos, Carolina Bescansa, added to that request, but to the surprise of Rodriguez and Bescansa, the PSOE rejected it. The Socialists argued that Rajoy has already left Moncloa with the motion and that his appearance in Congress is now unnecessary, according to the same sources.

The commission voted on the convenience or not of those appearances and the result was a tie two to two. So Quevedo, because of his status as president, had to exercise his vote of quality and tipped the scales in favor of canceling the appearances. Consequently, Rajoy will not appear before that commission to talk about the Gürtel as it was his predecessor Aznar's last September.

The members of the commission now have a few days to present their conclusions, but everything points to the fact that they will be caught by the election bull. The idea is to have the opinion ready on February 27, but if Sanchez dissolves the Cortes on March 5, there will be no more plenary sessions in this legislature. And the approval of the conclusions by the plenary is a requirement sine qua non so that they are valid.

The one that will also remain in water of booze is the commission that launched the PP in the Senate to investigate the doctoral thesis of President Sánchez. The popular, which have an absolute majority in the upper house, promoted in November this commission, which was constituted in December and which will now decline without even having started its work.

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