The father of the Gaztelueta victim: "Opus Dei continues to try to whitewash a criminal convicted of sexual abuse"

The father of the Gaztelueta victim: "Opus Dei continues to try to whitewash a criminal convicted of sexual abuse"

"This letter only brings more pain, it is inappropriate, lacerating, inhuman and of course all those who have been able to read it, even outside the family, have wondered if this gentleman and the order they represent have, apart from an evident lack of humility , a minimum of shame". Juan Cuatrecasas Asúa, father of Juan, the victim of sexual abuse in the 'Gaztelueta case', looks stupefied at the letter from the prelate of Opus Dei, Fernando Ocáriz, in response to the burofax sent on March 29 in which he demanded that, after the ruling of the Supreme Court, restored the good name of his son.

After receiving the communication, Cuatrecasas does not hesitate to describe as "reprehensible, irresponsible and very possibly criminal" the attitude that, in his opinion, the organization has taken. In a conversation with, the Socialist deputy in Congress also considers that this letter means "continuing to attack a victim and survivor of sexual abuse after a final sentence that condemns the aggressor." Once the answer is received, he assures that he will continue fighting, so that the condition of victim of his son is recognized, also in the Vatican. A task for which he, he admits, "I have indestructible trust in Pope Francis":

What did you feel when you received Ocáriz's letter? Was he waiting for her?

The assessment we make is very negative. There is not a single mention of a request for forgiveness to the victim and survivor of continued sexual abuse at the hands of an Opus Dei criminal convicted in a final judgment by the Supreme Court. The appeal for protection that the numerary pederast requested from the Constitutional Court was not even admitted for processing, which demonstrates the falsity of his words. The professor from Gaztelueta enjoyed all the mandatory legal guarantees in this country and to say otherwise is to be untrue in a way that I can describe as miserable, petty and also inappropriate for someone who runs a supposedly Catholic congregation.

It gives the impression that Ocáriz does not believe in the court ruling, although he complies with it.

I must also show my astonishment again when this man speaks of "procedural defects" in the trial even if they do not annul it. The procedural flaws he mentions in his letter must exist only in his imagination. Lying will not come for free. It is completely unforgivable that even today Opus Dei continues to revictimize my son and that far from complying, as Ocariz himself says, with the sentence, they delight in causing pain and not admitting the truth, without providing recognition and reparation. . It does not mention forgiveness and neither does it mention a positive accompanying attitude. Asking for forgiveness means that it is recognized that an injustice has been committed, a personal and institutional aggression by the aggressor and his accomplices. That implies forgiveness, acknowledgment of the victim's story. Everything else is denial and violence against the victim.

Do you consider that, far from an apology, there is more attack?

This letter only brings more pain, it is inappropriate, lacerating, inhuman... They keep trying to whitewash a criminal. People know that they are liars and unpresentable. Continuing to attack a victim and survivor of sexual abuse after a final sentence that condemns the aggressor is reprehensible, irresponsible and very possibly criminal conduct.

What steps do you plan to take now?

Time will put everyone in their place, the one they deserve. From this very moment, this family begins to work with their lawyers to give the due response in court and in the Public Prosecutor's Office. False closeness, empathy and affection should never be expressed through words written on wet paper. The letter insists on the cover-up behavior shown in this terrible case for a child throughout the Gaztelueta environment, a school that hides many silenced realities within its walls.

What Gaztelueta and Opus Dei are doing with Juan Cuatrecasas Cuevas is criminal, intolerable and shows that they are not worthy of enjoying privileges in the Church. They have no right to treat a victim of sexual abuse and her family in this way.

In addition to writing to the Prelate of Opus Dei, he also wrote to Cardinal Ladaria. I understand that he has not received an answer...

I still trust that the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, whether or not it is Monsignor Ladaria who does it, will issue a statement acknowledging its errors, which there were, as confirmed by a Vatican source in the media, on November 18, 2018 , and to rectify that burofax where they asked to replace the teacher's good name. Nowadays the good name to replace is that of Juan Cuatrecasas Cuevas. That has been sufficiently clear and accredited. Despite the attempts of Opus Dei to continue lying and crushing a victim of sexual abuse.

Given that neither Opus Dei nor Cardinal Ladaria have asked for forgiveness… do you think it will be Pope Francis who will do it?

I have always shown an indestructible trust in Pope Francis. I think that if anyone within the Church has shown closeness and empathy with the victims and survivors of abuse and sexual violence, it has been this Pope, as well as religious like Hans Zollner, O'Malley or Scicluna.

As this John? And the family?

Juan, like his mother, his brother and me, does not understand the behavior of these people who define themselves as virtuous in religious principles and who preach respect, humanity and values, when later they are unable to ask for forgiveness. Something is wrong in their minds and it is the result of his arrogance. A sad letter, a demonstration of cowardice and an absolute lack of principles. From today until the end, may each stick hold its candle. Examination of conscience is always the best way to take good care of the soul. I call on you to reflect on the acts committed and how they can affect the environment and I recommend that you carry out an intimate examination of your thoughts and deeds to determine if you have acted in good or bad faith with your neighbor, with my son and my family.

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