The father of the disappeared children they are looking for in Córdoba: the situation is “discouraging” and worrying

In statements to Efe, the lawyer of the father, Juan Manuel Medina, has expressed the feelings of his client that he has not seen his children and has not heard from them since last November 14.

The National Police and the Civil Guard have requested help locating 5-year-old Adam; Izan, 7, and Jonathan, 9.

Adam is 100 centimeters tall and weighs 18 kilos, has brown eyes and brown hair. The middle brother, Izan, is 130 centimeters tall, weighs 30 kilos and also has brown eyes and brown hair.

The oldest of the children, Jonathan, is 140 centimeters tall, weighing 36 kilos and, like his siblings, has brown hair and brown eyes.

According to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, the children had a scheduled departure last Sunday the 14th with Mother, that I should have taken them back to the Mother Teresa Children’s Home that same day, but did not.


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