The father of the child trapped in a well in Malaga: "We are dead"

The father of the child trapped in a well in Malaga: "We are dead"

José, the father of Julen, the two-year-old boy trapped in a well in Totalán (Málaga), is living with great anguish the more than 40 hours that have passed since his son disappeared. It was 2:00 pm on Sunday when they saw him rush through the hole. From there, it was time to wait for emergency and rescue services to do their work. First, a camera detected last Monday a plastic cup the bag of trinkets that the child had in his hand. Below, a plug of sand, about 80 meters, which prevented him from seeing where his son was. Therefore, yesterday began to suck the sand from the plug. It was possible to advance 30 centimeters, but they were not enough. It has not been until today, when they have begun to make a lateral tunnel. Meanwhile, the family waits, with anguish. Julen's father told "Public Mirror" that "nobody" can get in his skin. "We are dead," he added.

José was very critical of the rescue services because he believes that things are not being done correctly: "Many support tweets, many votes but no means, do you know what it's like to bring here 30 hours waiting for them to take you out? son of a well? Do not put that is coming neither the mayor nor anyone, put what they are doing here that they are not doing a fucking shit, "he lamented in statements to the" Ana Rosa Program ".

"Can you believe that this morning at 11 in the morning it was known that a truck was coming from Cádiz to get land and they waited for the cannon to arrive to fix the lane? Have you fixed the lane? " "Everyone is wrong, but they are not doing well, they are professionals, they have studies, they know that if the Cadiz truck takes three hours they have been able to do all the work they are doing now," he lamented.

Of the same opinion is the mayor of Totalán, Miguel Ángel Escaño, who considers that he is improvising. "It is necessary to make a diagnosis to see what the treatment is and that has not happened yet.In fact, there is a Swedish company specialized in these works that is already on its way and only the Ministry's authorization is needed so that they can start working" , He said.

This is not the first time that life hits them cruelly. The first was in 2017, when her oldest son, 3 years old, He died of a fulminating heart attack when they walked on the beach.

The small Julen disappeared last Sunday at 2:00 pm, when falling to a well 110 meters deep and a diameter of 25 centimeters. His family saw him fall and at first they heard his cries. Little by little the sound stopped being heard, probably because of the sand plug that the emergency services found.

The rescue it is being carried out with great caution and depending on the means at its disposal. This morning he took the vehicle that will allow a horizontal tunnel to access the bottom of the well. It is waiting to start a parallel well, which would entail putting a tube in the Julen well so that no further landslides occur. An open-pit excavation is also planned.

With the passing of the hours the anguish of the relatives grows, but the doubts about what happened increase. The Civil Guard investigators try to solve how a two-year-old boy, with a coat, boots and a bag of trinkets in his hand, could fall through a hole so narrow and reach so far down. It is normal to have been stuck before because the hole is not clean, but it has imperfections, it does not go in a straight line and there are many roots that should have slowed it down. The plug also baffles the agents because it is difficult to form a plug so consistent with only the fall of the child.

The truth is that the work continues. The operation consisting of a hundred people continues working tirelessly. The goal is to try to get to Julen as soon as possible, hoping he still lives.


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