October 27, 2020

The father of one of Alcsser's girls insists on the Fourth Millennium: "My daughter did not die in La Romana" – La Provincia

HeAlcàsser caseHe has returned to the forefront – after the publication of the Netflix documentary – for the participation of Fernando García, the father of Míriam, in the Fourth Millennium program, dedicated to the brutal crimes that ended the life of Toñi, Míriam and Desirée.

Íker Jiménez interviewed Fernado García last night on the set, whoalmost 27 years after the triple crime, still does not believe the official version. "Already on the first day I felt that they were not telling me the truth. I didn't think that 24-year-old men would meet 14-year-old girls." Míriam's father believes that the two defendants were "two people who had to search to cover a file." In fact, he thinks the two defendants didn't even see the girls.

He also says that the girls "did not die in La Romana, they were taken dead."

Garcia thanksJuan Ignacio Blancodied a few months ago due to illness– Your help to dispel the doubts you always had about the case. The self-proclaimed journalist and criminologist Juan Ignacio Blanco, convicted of slander spilled on the Channel 9 program Juí d'Alcasser, died on July 3 in El Escorial, where he lived, as a result of a serious illness he had suffered for years.


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