The father of Diana Quer asks politicians to leave their confrontation

The father of Diana Quer asks politicians to leave their confrontation

The father of Diana Quer, Juan Carlos Quer, has sent a statement to the media in which he conveys his "most sincere condolences to the family (Laura Luelmo), as well as all my respect and support."

The father of Diana Quer, the young woman murdered in August 2016 in A Coruña, has made a plea in favor of not repealing the revisable permanent prison, even more after the murder of Laura Luelmo.

Quer says that «There are no words or deeds, there is nothing, that can alleviate the intense pain of some parents when they suffer the loss of a daughter in such tragic circumstances ».

After putting value «the extraordinary work of the Civil Guard for the prompt arrest of Laura's confessed murderer » he assures that his conviction remains firm: "As a society we can not consent to new murders of innocent victims if we can avoid it." He emphasizes that in this fight "I am not alone, most Spanish citizens share my opinion, regardless of political ideologies." It also calls for "everything possible so that extremely dangerous murderers and serial rapists are not released without being fully rehabilitated." The father of Diana Quer affirms that our penal code and our penitentiary system "They have to guarantee" that criminals will not be left in the street again so cruel for them to reoffend for what would have to have "objective criteria and specialists." "That is precisely what establishes the penalty of permanent remainable prison, and that is where its preventive character lies."

Quer remembers that «Laura's murder could have been avoided if it had been detected that her confessed murderer was not in a position to be released», Because he was not rehabilitated and was a danger to society, as it has happened after the murder of Laura.

"I am against, of course, the death penalty, life imprisonment or even full compliance with sentences. Because even this last penalty, no matter how hard it is, guarantees that serial killers and rapists, after serving their sentence have been rehabilitated, "he says.

Juan Carlos Quer bets for allinitiatives and legislative measures that effectively reinforce prison and police controls of dangerous criminals, both when they are in prison and, above all, when they are released. Likewise, he asks the political representatives "to leave their confrontations on the sidelines and at least on this issue, the protection of our children and of women, are up to the task. It's common sense. "


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