Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The fashionable product that more buyers use to leave the shower screen as new - La Provincia

The fashionable product that more buyers use to leave the shower screen as new - La Provincia

They are one of the corners of the bathroom that are more difficult to clean and that give more headaches to those who must face the housework. The screens of the showers are filled with lime residues and also residues and oils that leave the soap, conditioner and other personal hygiene products.

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There are two types of screens, plastic and other glass. Both suffer with the passage of time, use and humidity, although the glass are easier to clean. As for every corner of the home there are different types of soaps, liquids and cleaning systems. On several occasions we have told you about the power of ammonia or bicarbonate, but this time we can count on a product that is easy to find and also economical.

The alcohol to clean, that you can find in any supermarket, will help you to leave your screen as new. Further, This alcohol will allow you to disinfect and leave bacteria free one of the most used areas of the house, the shower . This type of alcohol has the particularity of not staining or deteriorating the materials on which it acts as it is not corrosive. We advise you to act for about 5 minutes on your properties for a better functioning of the liquid. Then we just have to remove the remains that remain with water or a wet cloth.

If despite cleaning our screen with an optimal regularity we can not remove the remains of lime we can resort to another home remedy that could end once and for all. For this we must use a mixture with three parts of vinegar, one of water and two tablespoons of baking soda and more importantly, a little lemon juice. This mixture will react against the lime and will make your remains come out easily.

An additional trick is to pass a dry cloth through the screen once we have showered. It also helps simple gestures such as opening doors and windows so that moisture does not get impregnated in the glass. You must also take into account the lanes through which the same screen moves or failing in which it is installed. Here dirt and germs can get impregnated if we do not pay them their due attention.

Finally, if you decide to buy a special product for which you care for your screen make sure it is suitable for the surface you wish to clean.


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