April 16, 2021

The fashionable disguises that devastate this Carnival 2019 – The Province

The fashionable disguises that devastate this Carnival 2019 - The Province

The Carnival, one of the favorite parties for children and adults engaged in fun. And although the costume of clown or pirate costume is always well received, for example, there are a thousand other options to surprise with a new outfit.

In many occasions this supposes a disbursement of money in the stores of festive articles… until now. If you want to test your ingenuity and your plot, besides having a good time giving free rein to your creativity, we offer you some ideas seen in social networks to design and make Carnival costumes for adults and children.

Pedroche's dress

But before you see all the proposals that you dive through the network, we show you what might be the star costume for the Carnivals of 2019: the New Year's Eve dress by Cristina Pedroche. The attire of the presenter for that date monopolizes thousands of comments and looks, for what turns it into the perfect clothing to disguise on these dates. While it is true that this year only the hottest can be dressed in the 'dress-bikini' of the journalist, those who have a worse time with low temperatures They can wear a meat-colored jumpsuit to protect themselves from the cold.

The 'Pedroches' devastated the Fiestas de Zaragoza. Instagram / Aragón TV

In addition to this disguise, here you have a series of ideas to put into practice your artistic skills without your economy does not suffer in these great celebrations.


Lumberjack Costume

You will not need to spend a euro for this costume: look in your wardrobe for a checkered flannel shirt and add some jeans, a hat, an ax (which you can make yourself).

Family Robot Costume

You will only need adhesive tape, aluminum flexible tube and aluminum tape. The robotic family, a creative and valid costume for adults and children.

Pasta suit

This DIY Studio costume is appealing and beautiful, as well as ideal for any age. You will only need foam filling and yellow spray paint … Perfect to eat!


Lego Costume

To make this piece of lego you must get an cardboard box and stick plastic cups. Then, finish your costume by painting it in the color you like the most. Get the tutorial in Wine & Glue.

Audrey Hepburn Costume

A classic from movie theater and the collective imagination that will never go beyond fashion. Become the protagonist of 'Breakfast with diamonds'at Carnival 2019: black dress, black gloves, sunglasses, pearl necklace …

Pineapple Costume

Recover your favorite summer dress from the wardrobe; Make yourself a wreath of green leaves with cardboard and become an appetizing pineapple! You can see the tutorial in English in Studio DIY.


Minion Costume

If there is a star costume among the little ones, it has to do with the yellow world of the minions. Also, I'm sure that your son will end up taking This hat customized what remains of winter. To make it you must buy yellow fleece and felt. In Wine & Glue, you will find how to make the costume step by step.

Diver costume

Perfect for adults and children. Rescue your team snorkel, enfúndate in a black set and joins a couple of empty bottles of water with adhesive tape to simulate the cylinders. You can see how to do it in Delineate Your Dwelling.

Bubble bathing suit

To achieve such a fun set you will need Polystyrene foam; Following the tutorial instructions in Studio DIY you can achieve this tub and sponge duo that will raise smiles and applause at the Carnivals of your town or city.


Ice Cream Costume

Although the temperatures are low, dressing up as ice cream is an easy and most endearing resource. Get ice cream sticks to achieve a similar result.

Thieves' suit

Disguising yourself as a thief is an easy and super economic resource. You will only need black clothes and a mask that you can buy or paint a mask with paintings for the face.

Planet costume

A set that will leave everyone out of orbit is this planet disguise. With the help of Hula hoops, brightness and a plastic airplane you will achieve an extraordinary result like the one in the photo. You can get the tutorial in English in Delineate Your Dwelling.


Luke Skywalker Costume

A classic film, very easy to reproduce for the Carnival of 2019. The costume of Luke Skywalker it never gets old-fashioned.

Flamenco costume

If an animal has been on all the beaches and fabrics this summer has undoubtedly been flamenco. To become mutated in this beautiful bird, you must have pink tights or stockings and a feather boa.

Foam bathing suit

Hook up white balloons on a white shirt and put on a colorful bathing cap and a vegetable sponge. In this simple, original and neat way you can have a perfect costume for Carnival.

Here you will discover classic characters like Freddy Krueger, the Ghostbusters, C, Pennywise (the clown of It) and more current ones inspired by Coco's movie, with their Mexican skulls.


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