April 11, 2021

The fashionable bullfighter, Roca Rey, is in New York a cervical injury that threatens his season | Blog The bull, by the horns

It all started, apparently, on May 22 in the Plaza de Las Ventas. First run of San Isidro for Roca Rey. Bulls of Parladé. The third, first of the Peruvian, returned to the pens for his manifest disability; instead, an envelope of the Count of Mayalde came out, which Roca received with excessive sufficiency with the cape; when he tried to make fun of him by gaoneras, the bull hooked him by the waist, threw him through the air and, once on the ground he turned him again through the satchel. Everything happened near the boards, in a second, but the bullfighter got up battered, with tears in the dress and with the skin, apparently, intact. He went to the infirmary and there he was detected a wound of six centimeters in the upper third of the right thigh and bruises and erosions of reserved prognosis.

Nothing for the apparatus of the somersault, which was forgotten minutes later when Roca Rey came to his shoulders through the Great Gate after cutting both ears at the sixth of the afternoon.

There, in that ugly somersault of the bull of the Count of Mayalde, Roca Rey was the injury that seriously worried the bullfighting businessmen who promised them happy in the month of August.

The origin of the contusion is in the somersault that suffered on May 22 in Las Ventas

There began the Calvary, according to the version of the environment of the bullfighter.

These "bruises" on the part of Madrid nursing threaten to seriously disrupt the economy of many bullfighting companies. At the moment, the bullfighter has had to change the gangyards for the consultation of the New York hospital For Special Surgery, where American doctors will try to find the best treatment so that the bullfighter does not lose all season definitively.

The same sources say that Roca Rey felt discomfort in the back days after the Isidril celebration, despite which he continued to fight, but it was in Nimes, on June 10, when the alarms jumped and the pain began to be worrying. Toreo infiltrated 13 days later in Alicante, and was forced not to appear in Burgos, Soria and Teruel. "After a very aggressive shock therapy that he was diagnosed in Seville," he arrived in Pamplona on July 10 "with more will than confidence in his full physical condition." And in San Fermín it was clear that the forces did not respond to him on the right arm.

Roca Rey, on July 10 in the Plaza de Pamplona.

Roca Rey, on July 10 in the Plaza de Pamplona. Reuters

The next day, he underwent an exhaustive examination by Dr. Ángel Hidalgo, head of the Navarre Plaza medical team and expert in orthopedic surgery and traumatology, who reflects in his diagnosis that “it all started on May 22 with a cervical pain -dorsal, and a month later it was irradiated towards the back of the right arm to the elbow with loss of strength ”, he detects a“ disc protusion in the vertebrae C6 and C7 ”, and his clinical judgment is that the patient suffers a“ brachialgia right deficit dependent on C7 root, and a slight shoulder tendinopathy (supraspinatus) with slight effusion ”. His recommendation is a treatment with corticosteroids, relative rest for two weeks with a Foam collar, avoid impact exercises, strengthening of the right biceps and triceps and analgesic electrotherapy and gentle massages.

On July 17, the bullfighter announces that he is temporarily withdrawing from the ring, while his family moves medical contacts in the US to seek another expert opinion. On Sunday, July 21, the bullfighter lands in New York, and on Wednesday 24 he announces that he suspends his commitments for the month of August.

The aforementioned sources near the right hand state that there is "a high probability that the solution resides in a surgical intervention, which would force him to lose the rest of the season." Another possibility is to opt for a conservative treatment to decompress the nerve.

If he underwent surgery, he would lose the rest of the season

In the latter case, the forecast is for the bullfighter to fly soon to Spain to continue from here the treatment in permanent contact with the doctors of the New York hospital.

The final decision must be taken by the bullfighter himself when the final diagnosis is known and the opinion of the team that is treating him in the USA.

Be that as it may, the objective cannot be other than the total recovery of the patient.

Will Roca fight in September? "That is a scenario that is not contemplated today."

The truth is that the Peruvian bullfighter has lost eight runs between June and July and will lose the 17 he had hired for August, as a leading bullfighter of the most important fairs: Bilbao, Malaga, San Sebastián, Gijón, Huelva, Almería, Colmenar, Ronda , Port…

It is not surprising, then, that the telephone number of his agent, José Antonio Campuzano, has fumed in recent days. They called alarmed businessmen who had announced their bullfighter, and everyone calmed them with good words and best wishes.

The twists and turns of life. Who was going to imagine a month ago that the most interesting bullfighter of the ranks, the one that encourages the ticket offices, was going to be in New York and not in the ring, which is his natural place.

What was missing from this party … And what is worse: it has no replacement, whatever substitute each company chooses. Today there is no bullfighter to guarantee the show as Roca Rey and that will undoubtedly be noticed at the box office.

Hence, the business panic derived from his absence. If there is no unexpected knock, you will miss Roca Rey a lot. There is not a bunch of figures with real pull among the spectators, and among the youngest there is more hope than the proven reality. There are bullfighters of great interest to the fans, but none with Roca Rey's box office strength for the general public.

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