The farewell acts of Camilo Sesto in Alcoy are suspended until the will is opened | Culture

He Alcoy town hall has suspendedido the farewell acts of singer and producer Camilo Sesto, died in Madrid on September 8, until your will is opened. The decision has been made on the morning of this Friday at the request of the singer's only son Camilo Blanes Ornelas, who through his lawyer has requested that his father's last will be respected, "lwhich will not be known until the opening of his will, "according to the email sent to the City of Alcoy, hometown of Camilo Sesto.

On Monday, the burning chapel with the ashes of the singer between 17 and 20 was opened in the municipal plenary hall. The local corporation was convinced that the artist had recorded his express wish that his mortal remains would end in Alcoy and that, therefore, there was no problem celebrating the farewell ceremony.

"Until such opening occurs, you cannot authorize The use of his ashes. Once this last will is known, my The client will do everything in his power so that it is fulfilled in his terms ", indicates the message of the Blanes lawyer. The text ends with thanks to the hometown of Camilo Sesto. "I wanted to thank on behalf from my client the initiative they have had to honor their father, trusting that after the opening of the will can be carried out
said tribute. "

Camilo Sesto was Alcoy's favorite son and the city's gold medal. The City Council, propitiating that the Alcoyanas and Alcoyanos, who already showed him their love and respect in life, could fire him. "Alcoy is with Camilo Sesto, from the respect, the affection and the gratitude to take the name of our city all over the world and, in no case, we will propitiate any situation that could damage his memory and the greatness of his figure" , indicates the City Council in a note published on its website.


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