The FARC party denounces the murder in Bogotá of a demobilized

Colombian authorities are investigating the murder of former FARC guerrilla astrid Conde Gutiérrez, which occurred in the last hours in Bogotá, which is the second recorded this year in the Colombian capital.

The FARC party, in which the guerrillas transformed after leaving their weapons, denounced in social networks that the former guerrilla and ex-prisoner Astrid Conde was killed, in events that occurred on Thursday in the El Tintal neighborhood, in the south of Bogotá.

"We denounce before Colombia and the world the extermination against us, in the eyes of an indolent government, with a campaign of obstacles and stigmatization," the information adds.

The Corporación Solidaridad Jurídica, an NGO that defends human rights, said in a statement that Conde "was in the process of reinstatement, studying and developing his life project in the city of Bogotá."

He adds that the ex-guerrilla "was part of our group of women Defense & Rights. He bet on peace and today was vilely murdered."

They also hold "the Colombian State" responsible for the death of Conde and "for the lack of guarantees to political ex-prisoners in reinstatement processes, for their constant breach of the peace agreements and for the systemic and widespread form of murders against former combatants of FARC "

On February 17, the demobilized Jhon Mariano Ávila Matiz, who was in a prison in the department of Boyacá (center), was killed in Bogotá and after his departure he moved to the Colombian capital "in order to carry out his reinstatement process ".

The constant murder of former FARC guerrillas who accepted the peace agreement led to hundreds of people demonstrating with a pan in the center of Bogotá on February 25 to demand that the Colombian government stop what they consider a "genocide" .

According to figures from the FARC party, since December 1, 2016, when the peace agreement signed a week earlier entered into force, 187 ex-combatants have been killed, which means an average of almost five a month.

The UN warned on December 31 of last year that only in 2019 at least 77 ex-guerrillas were killed in Colombia, and also reported 14 disappearances and 29 attempted homicide.

These murders led the agency to qualify 2019 as "the most violent year" for former FARC guerrillas who accepted the Colombian peace agreement.


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