December 1, 2020

The famous contemporary dance company Mal Pelo returns to the Cuyás Theater

The famous contemporary dance company Mal Pelo, 2009 National Award, returns to the Cuyás Theater

The famous contemporary dance company Mal Pelo returns to the Cuyás Theater, 2009 National Award

The contemporary dance company Mal Pelo (‘The fifth winter’) returns to the Cuyás Theater with its new proposal, ‘On Goldberg Variations / Variations’, a show based in turn on Dan Tepfer’s musical proposal, where the French-American composer and pianist performs JS Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ combined with his own, improvised from the same harmonies.

“It is a network of lines of languages ​​that converge to build a fabric around the work of Johann Sebastian Bach”, according to those responsible, María Muñoz and Pep Ramís, winners of the National Dance Award in 2009 and whose work can be seen

Thus, “the dance, the voice of John Berger – a multifaceted English artist who died in 2017 and to whom the piece was dedicated -, some of his own texts, the manipulated and multifocal sound of the soundtrack, the live voice and the video projections are come together to build this approach to the universe of JS Bach “.

For this, his choreography “bets on the particular musicality of each performer and on the rhythmic and dynamic dialogue between the group and the space”.

After presenting the show ‘Bach’, by María Muñoz herself, ‘On Goldberg Variations / Variations’ is the second stage proposal of what Mal Pelo has called ‘Bach Project’, a trilogy that has as its axis the study of the music of JS Bach and its relationship with choreographic writing.

At only 20 euros, tickets for the Cuyás Theater are on sale at its box office, on Viera y Clavijo street in the capital of Gran Canaria, and on its website: (

The company

Co-directed by Pep Ramis and María Muñoz and with some thirty shows behind them, Mal Pelo is a creative group characterized by shared authorship, one of the group’s most characteristic features.

Since 1989, he has been developing his own artistic language, through movement and incorporating theatricality with dramaturgies that include the word, working with composers to create original soundtracks or collaborating with video-artists.

“More than a company, we want to explain Mal Pelo as a creative nucleus surrounded by many other collaborators, always with the same purpose: to work the body as the main tool, permanently investigating, trying to tell the usual themes, in an always different way, to reach new landscapes “, explain those responsible, who bet on” an intimate look full of everyday stories and details, a look that is tender and hard at the same time. ”

Its basic activity revolves around the creation of shows, always linked to the need to experiment and develop the main themes that have emerged from the processes themselves throughout its entire trajectory.

In this context the pedagogical work that has been increasing since the origins of the group is framed. Currently, this facet has been reinforced by two annual appointments at the company’s headquarters, L’animal a l’esquena – Creation Center (, and conducting national and international courses.

At the same time, the collaborations with different artists have continued, a consequence of the process of developing their artistic language. Most of the time, these collaborations are related to the processes of creating their own shows, although they also collaborate with video creations of visual artists, work with diverse stage directors or participate in live jam sessions.

This inertia has increased since Mal Pelo has its own rehearsal space. “This has allowed us not only a greater depth in the processes of creation of the shows, but also to be able to consider moments of laboratory, of search outside the productions, of meetings with groups of interpreters for the study of topics, methodologies, that few sometimes they can be included in the creation processes “, they explain. In this way, Mal Pelo has been able to collaborate with different invited artists: Àngels Margarit, Eduard Fernández, Andrés Corchero, Toni Serra, Anna Subirana, Lilo Baur, Cesc Gelabert or Faustin Linyekula, among others.

Since its creation in 1989, Mal Pelo has presented a score of creative works, choreographed a dozen video creations and collaborated with numerous artists.


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