The family of the owner of the Primitiva, who died, learned from the Police that he was the winning bettor

Corner where the administration of Manuel Reija is currently located. | // CARLOS PARDELLAS

The analyzes carried out by the National Police for years, the collection of evidence and the verification of bets have made it possible to clarify who, according to the investigation, is the legitimate owner of the Primitiva millionaire, an identity that has not been known since the lottery who verified it, Manuel Reija, said to have found it in his administration of San Agustín when he was “alone”. The 091 concludes, by the combinations of numbers used and the geolocation, that there is only one owner, and that, in addition, he never claimed the prize. It was the Police who identified this man, who died in 2014, a year and a half after the draw for which the Primitiva stamped in Alfonso Molina’s Carrefour was awarded with an amount of 4.72 million euros.

The agents located the owner of the ticket but, having died, they had to inform the family of the case, the investigation and that this man is presumably the winner of the award. Neither his widow nor his family knew it could be his. They did not even suspect it, according to police sources.

On July 2, 2012, according to the investigation, this man went to the San Agustín administration, where he checked four tickets. Three manual bets, with numbers that he used regularly, and one automatic, which turned out to be the millionaire. The checks were done in 19 seconds. And right after, specifically 49 seconds after the first collection presentation, the police report indicates, “eight new betting transactions were carried out, among which were the manual bets previously presented for collection by the player.”

These significant numbers have led the police to the rightful owner of the ticket, or rather to his family, which is the one who is now involved in clarifying the case.

Combinations of numbers that have been repeated in many other bets made not only in A Coruña but in other cities in Spain, to which the bettor went with his traveling wife.

Credit card movements and geolocation systems have also helped the Police locate this man in Carrefour at the time the four tickets were sealed and in the vicinity of San Agustín when they were checked.

The lottery player, however, insists that he was “absolutely alone” when he found the millionaire Primitiva, which, he says, is like “a bearer check,” so he could have cashed it without “anyone” knowing. The day after the alleged discovery, he informed his brother, Miguel Reija, Loterías provincial delegate. On September 5, the lottery, Manuel Reija, asked to spare the prize for his “good faith” and “willingness to collaborate.” But the investigation continues. “This is all nonsense,” he says. The magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 8 concludes in a recent order that, after the investigation, the events, which occurred in July 2012, may constitute an alleged crime of misappropriation. He investigates, in addition to the Reija brothers, four senior Lottery officials.


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