The family of Laura Luelmo demands full sentences and an apology from the State

The family of Laura Luelmo demands full sentences and an apology from the State

The family of Laura Luelmo, the Zamora teacher killed last December in El Campillo (Huelva), has demanded to the State an apology and a public request for forgiveness "for not having been able to guarantee the right to life and physical integrity of our daughter", as well as full compliance with penalties.

In a letter addressed to the president of the Cortes of Castile and León, Silvia Clemente, Laura's father and mother – murdered by Bernardo Montoya, who said he was acting on an irrepressible impulse- attributed to the "resounding failure" of the penitentiary policy the "disappearance and murder" of his daughter, and they request the "full compliance with the penalties" for this type of crime.

They blame the State for having exposed the young "a monstrous being who, having passed through penitentiary institutions with the ultimate goal of his grief and his total rehabilitation for social reintegration, at the time he leaves in freedom commits again, in the person of our daughter, the two acts for which he was previously convicted ", sexual assault and murder.

In the letter, dated January 24, which Efe has had access to and has advanced the ABC newspaper, José Ángel Luelmo and María Teresa Hernández request the mediation of the Cortes of Castilla y León so that, through specific actions, studies and proposals, "the Penal Code is revised so that these types of crimes are really and severely punished and not only publicly reprobated".

And all of it "so that murderers and repeat offenders who do not have or have shown their will to recover can not continue to rape and kill, so that the penalties for this type of crimes are fulfilled ", according to the text of the letter they have also addressed to the rest of the regional courts prosecutors.

They claim that crimes against society "do not go unpunished", that "monsters, socially perverse beings do not coexist in a society that they hate and against which they will continue to act", and that prisons are "sufficiently equipped to fulfill its function ".

The parents of the murdered young teacher, who from his native Zamora accepted a position as interim teacher in the province of Huelva, believe that the institutions "can do much more" than the memory, tribute and minute of silence that the Cortes of Castilla y León paid tribute in his memory at the beginning of the plenary session held on December 18.

"Please, feel, think, reflect, put yourself in our place (one day you can touch them closely) and … act", implore before stamping their respective signatures.


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