June 14, 2021

The falsifications subtract 15,000 million annual to the Treasury and the Social Security | Economy

The falsifications subtract 15,000 million annual to the Treasury and the Social Security | Economy

The sale of counterfeits leads to the annual loss of 15,000 million euros in income and contributions to Social Security in Spain, according to a report prepared by the Executive to address a national plan to combat this phenomenon. The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, has assured this Monday that the fight against the illegal sale of counterfeit products is a priority for the Government and has stressed that this is a growing problem since the 90s, which has been strengthened with the electronic commerce

In this regard, he recalled that counterfeiting leads to the destruction of 67,000 direct jobs and involves the loss of 6,175 million in sales to the commerce, according to data from Andema and the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union. To these figures must be added the risks that entail for the health and the rights of the consumers, as well as that they are practices related to crimes such as tax fraud, money laundering or human trafficking.

National Plan 2019-2020

Maroto has considered it urgent thatdifferent public authorities collaborate in the fight against counterfeiting, and stressed that this is why a National Anti-Counterfeiting Plan 2019-2020 will be drawn up. The plan will be based on the report prepared by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), under the Ministry of Industry, which was addressed last Friday by the Council of Ministers and presented this Monday within the framework of a day.

During the presentation, the president of the SPTO and Undersecretary of Industry, Fernando Valdés, explained that intensive sectors in intellectual property rights contribute 42% of GDP and generate 38% of direct and indirect employment in Spain, with a remuneration well above the minimum wage.

To protect them, the plan will seek to enhance coordination among all the administrations involved and with judges and prosecutors, as well as promote the training of customs workers or involve users with various advertising campaigns. In addition, next Friday the Council of Ministers of green light is expected to draft the Law on Trademarks, one of the "star" regulations of Maroto.


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