April 16, 2021

The fall of the Budgets puts in check the fulfillment of the objective of deficit

The fall of the Budgets puts in check the fulfillment of the objective of deficit


The fall of the General Budgets of the State in the Congress of Deputies turns the fulfillment of the deficit target in an impossible mission. This was noted yesterday by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, during the defense of the bill today failed and this has been recognized at the end of the plenary session that voted to reject their accounts: "Without new budgets the deficit will range between 2.2% and 2.4%, figures that are outside the parameters of Brussels. Now we will have to see how we can do to avoid that the public deficit rise to that level, "he explained, adding that he will work to" recompose the situation and arbitrate a procedure so that the budget extension serves to meet urgent needs and control the deficit »

And it is that what is now at stake in the Congress are not the measures that involve more spending such as the rise in pensions or the salary increase to officials of 2.25%, which have already been approved by decree, but those of income that was going to cost them. Specifically, measures such as the Google Rate or financial transactions that still have to be processed by the Lower House and the Senate, a process that can take several months, or what are likely to decline before an early election call.

Thus, for the time being, the 2018 Budgets will continue to be carried out, prepared by the team of Mariano Rajoy, until elections are finally held. In this regard, Montero has pointed out that "obviously the legislature is shortened, as the President of the Government has indicated several times", although he specified that the convocation corresponds "exclusively to the president". The date, the time or when it corresponds exclusively to the president, if he made speculation would be lacking to the truth, only the president has it in his head », said Montero regarding the call for general elections.

However, Montero has assured that the Executive will continue working to process the laws that were not in the Budgets and explained that they have many "pending tasks" in the points not incorporated in the Budgets and that they go in format of laws that will be processed in brief in Congress. "We will continue working until the last day," he said.


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