The fall of Julen in the well was "fast and free" up to 71 meters

The fall of Julen in the well was "fast and free" up to 71 meters

The delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, confirmed early in the morning the discovery of Julen's lifeless body at 1:25 in the morning. Two miners were in the rescue work at that time with a Civil Guard of the mountain group who found the two-year-old.

"As of that moment, everything was in the hands of the Judicial Police, who lifted the body around four in the morning," the politician confirms. Now the investigations will be opened to clarify what happened and everything remains in the hands of the number 9 court in Malaga. From eight o'clock in the morning the son of Vicky and José is being autopsied and according to Gómez de Celis the results will be seen throughout the morning. The child was found at the planned level of the well, at the height of 71 meters, and as revealed by the Government delegate, there was no below 30 meters of air: "The free fall came to about 71 meters and ran into a dirt floor and above it also had land." Julen was trapped between two sand clusters. Now analyze the composition of this material to determine its origin. "It could be from the sand that Julen dragged to fall to the void those 71 meters", says Gómez de Celis who appeared with the people in charge of the rescue team. They have also highlighted the "colossal" work of the operation for which 85,000 tons of sand have been removed. He has highlighted the work of all those involved in the rescue of the child. Highlights the solidarity, effectiveness of the rescue team. On the well the delegate of the Government has asked anyone who has made an illegal well that still It's time to seal it.

At this time, the well into which Julen fell has been covered with a sheet of steel of 600 kilos. The parents of the child, Vicky and José, are already in the Tanatorio de El Palo, the neighborhood of Malaga where they live, accompanied by numerous relatives and neighbors.


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