Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The fall of Joaquín Sabina at the WiZink Center in Madrid

Joaquin Sabina He has left all attendees in suspense in the concert at the Wizink Center from Madrid. The singer, who celebrates his 71 anniversary today, has fallen to the ground of an approximate height of one meter and eighty centimeters after losing his balance, dazzled by a spotlight, as explained by Tito Ramoneda, president of The project, who was at the concert.

The interpreter born in Úbeda, who acted with his friend Joan Manuel Serrat, has been removed from the stage on a stretcher due to the concern of the attendees in a Wizink Center that has been muted.

Several attendees have expressed their confusion on Twitter. The assists have moved him to the infirmary of the room, where he is being examined and it will be evaluated if the singer can return to the concert.

The fall has occurred when only half an hour of the concert took place, one of those scheduled during the tour “No hay dos sin tres”, which is starring alongside the Catalan singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat.

Archive image of Sabina during the concert at Palau Sant Jordi

Archive image of Sabina during the concert at Palau Sant Jordi
(Thorny Peanut)

Shortly after the incident, the singer-songwriter has returned to the stage in a wheelchair accompanied by Serrat and has joked that “these things only happen to me in Madrid”. He has tried to calm the mood by assuring the public that he was well but that it was not wise to continue with the show and that it was best to go to the hospital. “I have a very strong blow on the man who hurts a lot and makes us have to suspend with all the pain.”

The singer has announced that attendees can enjoy the concert on May 22 at the same venue. Comprehensive, fans have fired the musician with a big ovation.


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