April 16, 2021

The fall in car sales intensifies in January | Economy

The fall in car sales intensifies in January | Economy

Car sellers were not optimistic by the end of 2018 about how the market would evolve this year. Their forecasts were confirmed in January, in which not only registrations were reduced but the fall intensified with respect to the previous months. Sales fell by 8% and stood at 93,546 units between cars and jeeps.

The channel most affected by the collapse is that of individuals, contracted by 9.6% in the first month of the year. But also companies, which were holding the statistics in recent months, also reduced their purchases by 5.5%. From these data, a double interpretation emerges from the sector: there is wear and tear on the demand and doubts about the technology to choose, taking into account the announcements that come from the administrations are holding back purchases. Anfac, the employers' association of manufacturers, and Faconauto see a stagnation exercise for the sector.

The director of communication of Faconauto, Raul Morales, explains that the sales would have shown worse results of not being "for the last-minute auto-enrollments", used by the brands to save, relatively, their numbers.

While the car segment falls, sales of light commercial vehicles (vans) grew by 8%. This area has recovered its spirit after the falls of September and October, motivated by the entry into force of the WLTP, the new system of homologation of engines based on real driving conditions. Its implementation in September, which entailed an increase in the number of registrations due to a rise in polluting emissions, meant that sales were made in the summer months, in order to save those extra costs and take advantage of the brands' offers to get rid of stocs. .

"Families continue to delay their purchase decision due to market uncertainty and confusion about which car to buy," says Noemí Navas, communication director at Anfac. Morales asked that "the speech be rationalized and the moods be calmed down", in a call to the administrations about their willingness to ban gasoline and diesel cars.


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