Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The factors that complicate Fernando Alonso’s return to Formula One

The Spaniard wants to return in 2021, but several keys play against him

When the engines of Formula 1 are about to roar again to start the pre-season 2020, another very intense race is being played in some offices, through mobile phones, WhatsApp messages, information through third parties, «recaditos »Through Social Networks … a very tough negotiation that has only one objective: the return of Alonso to the F-1. The Spaniard wants to return in 2021 coinciding with the change of technical regulation and would do so at 39 to be involved with others who do not exceed 23, as is the case of Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen.

Currently, Kimi Raikkonen is 40 years old and if we limit ourselves only to the big favorites, Lewis Hamilton, who is going for his seventh title, will end the season with 35 years. Alonso wants to return to conquer his third crown, but he has a difficult fit in the current grid with the current contracts.

In Formula 1, an agreement lasts what the parties want, either for better or worse, however, as more time passes more complicated is the return of Spanish to the queen category. The coming months will be key for Alonso’s future and in no case will it depend exclusively on him. Other factors will decant the balance on one side or the other. And easy it won’t be. Today it is surprising that Ferrari has not yet made a decision about Sebastian Vettel (and if they have taken it, it has not been communicated) and will wait to see the performance of the German to extend his contract or not. And otherwise, they will see how the market is and which pilot suits its emerging star, Charles Leclerc.

History says that in Maranello they prefer the concept of a second pilot that helps score points and there Alonso’s option would be ruled out unless a disaster loomed over the current starting pilots. In Mercedes, they are “calm” with their Hamilton-Bottas duo and in the short term there are no drastic changes in pilot policy. In Red Bull the doors are closed by the hand of its managers, Honda and its figure, Max Verstappen.

And from here, it is difficult to think of winning the third crown with other teams … It was speculated on the possibility of landing at Renault, but the truth is that they just signed Esteban Ocon (who is also French) and Ricciardo does not seem He will take another path in 2021. McLaren could be the most desired destination out of the three favorites, however, the Asturian’s relations with his former team seem much more than broken.

Things are not easy for Fernando Alonso because, regardless of his age, some doors are closed for him, as is currently happening with the 500 Miles of Indianapolis, where Honda is complicating things to try the triple crown assault . The Japanese are charging revenge for the contempt of the Spaniard in his previous stage with McLaren and it is not clear that they will lift the veto that they have imposed on their teams in the United States.


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