Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The faces of the strike against climate change | Society

The faces of the strike against climate change | Society

Alba Calonge, 19 years old, Valencia.

Alba Calonge is a student of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Valencia. He is a spokesperson for Friday for Future in the city.

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one. Manifest myself so that politicians do something. It's no longer worth going to recycle or close the taps ... that everyone knows. We can not do things only on an individual level, we need a global response. We are polluting all, the most, the big companies and the richest. It is untenable. The only thing we can do is, as young people who are going to suffer the consequences of climate change, to demonstrate to demand that politicians do something.

two. First, be aware. The time to curb climate change has been exhausted because now we can only mitigate its effects. And partly it has been for that generation that knew what was happening and has not done anything, has not considered it to be a central and important issue. We are giving a lesson to all adults: we have to fight for what we want, for our future. I hope they learn that we are strong, that we can do everything and that we are going to change things. We hope you join us.

3. I am a project scientist and the elderly do not stop repeating that we are the hope and that we can do it but it is that the generation of scientists that already exercises is proposing measures against climate change. I do not ask for a concrete measure, I want the commitments to be fulfilled, such as the Paris agreement, which is not being carried out and is insufficient. The UN has already said that we need unprecedented measures. The agreements that have already been signed are not even fulfilled, so how are we going to work?

Four. When I was little I saw the news in my house, later I saw movies that made me think that nothing was being done. I asked myself, what can I do to stop this? Because I do not want to live like that. As Greta says, we do not want hope, we want to take action and only with action will hope come.


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