The faces of 'La Ruta', the series about the 'bakalao' in Valencia

Filming has not started yet, but 'The route' it is already the Serie most anticipated of 2022, at least, in Valencia. This production, which will tell the story of a group of friends during 'La ruta del bacalao' in Valencia, already has actors in its distribution. Ricardo Gómez ('Tell me how it happened'), Àlex Monner ('Red bracelets'), Elísabet Casanovas ('Merlí'), Claudia Salas ('Elite') and Guillem Barbosa ('I'm looking for her') They will be part of the main cast of this series, produced by Rodrigo Sorogoyen's audiovisual company, Caballo Films.

The project was already announced in 2020 with the support of Atresmedia. The Valencian filmmaker Borja Soler will be the one who gets behind the camera, although he also appears as a creator along with Roberto Martín Maiztegui.

The cast has been chosen with precision, since the proper names that make it up belong to a new generation of actors who are stomping on the Spanish indie scene. For example, Ricardo Gomez It has been a long time since he got rid of the shadow of Carlitos, the tender character from the series 'Cuéntame'. In recent years he has carried out dramatic and suspenseful roles, in films such as' The mud '(2021),' The substitute '(2121),' Mia and Moi '(2021) and is awaiting the premiere of' The house entre los cacti ', with Ariadna Gil or Daniel Grao.

Àlex MonnerInstead, he was born as a director's fetish actor of the 90s generation and dazzled audiences with his starring role in the series "Red Bracelets." He was nominated in the Goya for 'Wild Children' (2021), by Patricia Ferreira and earned the respect of the actors' guild for his work in 'The next skin' (2016), alongside Emma Suárez.

On the other hand, Claudia Salas is part of the cast of 'Elite' and Elisabet Casanovas He has just premiered 'Chavalas', a comedy starring alongside Vicky Then or Carolina Yuste.

The filming of "La Ruta" will take place at the beginning of this year and will last until spring. It will take place mainly in the towns of the Ribera Baixa, where the largest number of discotheques adhering to this cultural phenomenon congregated.

Atresmedia has given more details about the synopsis of the series in the last week: "'La Ruta' tells of the more than ten years that Valencia spent dancing; years that we all want to live and that only some can remember. 30 kilometers. 12 years. 7 discos. 5 friends. Let no one stop dancing. 'La Ruta' is the journey of a group of friends from El Perelló, from their farewell on a crowded Destroy Route, in 1993, until the day they entered Barraca for the first time, in 1981, when both they and "the party" they still retained their innocence. 'La Ruta' tells of the more than ten years that Valencia spent dancing, some years that we would all like to live and that only some can remember ".

The director of the series, Borja Soler, was together with Sorogoyen, founder of Caballo Films. Together with him, he directed 'Stockholm' (2013), the film that catapulted Sorogoyen to fame, as it won the Goya Award and the Feroz Award for Best Drama. Since then, the Valencian has directed two shorts, 'Now we will be happy' (2018), 'Snorkel' (2019) and 'Mindanao' (2021), as well as some chapters of the series 'Anti-riot' by Movistar +. 'La Ruta' is the first audiovisual project in which he appears both at the controls of the camera and of the story.

He has also carried out advertising projects. In fact, he directed the spot 'The Valencian Who Didn't Know How to Make Paellas', by Dacsa, and 'Mediterráneo en vivo', the Turisme Comunitat Valenciana spot.

Soler studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia (UV), but later moved to the capital to study Film Directing at the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid (ECAM).

One of her short films, 'Now we will be happy' (2019), won the Feroz de Cinema Jove award, as well as those for Best Actress for Ángela Boix, Photography and Editing in Cortogenia, Best Photography at the Cartagena Film Festival and the for Best Actor at the Alfàs del Pi Film Festival.

The Film Academy has congratulated him again this year with a nomination for Best Short Fiction for 'Mindanao' (2021).

The casting is still open

The Valencian company Bestreta has been conducting castings in Valencia since the end of November to find 4,000 extras, including a pair of twins who play the famous DJs of the Puzzle disco, Javi and Rafa.

The casting is still open. To be eligible, interested persons must be registered in Labora as job seekers for the application to be taken into account. There will be different castings for generic extras, who will have to have a age between 18 and 45 years. From the company they warn that they will discard current aspects or looks or people with visible tattoos, to protect the setting.


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