Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The extreme right is not understood without a harmed working class

The extreme right is not understood without a harmed working class

The Minister of Culture and Sports and head of list to the Congress of the PSOE for Almería, José Guirao, has argued today that "you can not understand the movements of the extreme right around the world or the election of Trump in the US without a working class that feels damaged by globalization. "

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"Given this loss of prominence and well-being, they are bombarded with simple answers for complex problems," Guirao said at a conference organized by the newspaper La Voz de Almería.

He has maintained that it is pertinent to appeal to the agreement, "a word that is often used in an empty manner", to achieve consensus and common projects in a "turbulent and problematic" times for "contemporary societies and Spain in particular."

"We are used to hearing that we live in a global world, a globality that some people embrace uncritically, those who do not understand it correctly, but who have also generated a more worrisome problem, the fear of identity loss and those who economic globality have been relegated, "he said.

For this reason, he has maintained that it is mandatory to "think globally" but also "locally" so that these global objectives do not generate a "landscape" that could generate "more problems than it can solve".

On the other hand, he regretted that for nine months the Government has had "blocked the possibility" of making laws by the Bureau of Congress, "with up to 60 extensions for amendments" which, according to the minister, has made it necessary for the Executive of Pedro Sanchez had to approve decree laws.


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