The Extremadura PP condemns the assault on a person in Cáceres "for carrying the flag of Spain"

In a statement, the Extremaduran PP has stressed that this type of act "is completely inadmissible" in a democratic state such as Spain and has called on all political representatives, "on any scale", to also show condemn these attacks " to prevent them from occurring further. "

"The PP has always condemned any type of violence, as well as the escraches, whoever they may be, and despite the fact that people who today hold public office in the government of the nation, in their day, justified them, describing them as 'democratic syrup' "has indicated,

Along the same lines, he recalled that the flag of Spain "is a constitutional symbol that represents us all" and has defended that, therefore, "it should also be an emblem of plurality and the freedoms enshrined in the Magna Carta."


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