The Extremadura countryside bumps into the riot police again

Charges against Merida protesters in front of the Board for throwing security fences. More than 700 tractors flood Murcia, Guadalajara and Tarragona

The images of the charges of Don Benito They return as a "deja vú." In Merida they have lived today episodes of tension between riot police and agricultural protesters, which left at least one injured. The Extremadura countryside protested in front of the Presidency of the Junta de Extremadura to demand concrete measures that alleviate the "totally ruinous" situation in which the farmers find themselves, denounced Juan Pedro Almodóvar, founder of Aseprex, one of the convening associations, along with The Extremadura Union and Valle del Jerte Association. The producers of Tarragona, Murcia and Guadalajara they also took the streets to «To denounce the low prices in origin, the lack of profitability of the farms, the serious difficulties to export and the dreaded cut of the Community Agricultural Policy (PAC)», noted in a joint statement Asaja, COAG and UPA.

A rhythm of cowbells, metal drums and beekeepers smokers, around 2,000 Extremadura farmers they met at the doors of the Presidency of the Junta de Extremadura with a dozen riot vans and more than twenty national police. The protesters aimed to meet with the regional president, Guillermo Fernández Vara, to deliver a manifesto in which they called for "concrete measures" to tackle the agricultural crisis. "We do not want more affection or understanding, we want measures now," said Luis Cortes, technical secretary of La Unión Extremadura.

"Not a euro" to end the problem

Before the meeting, Cortes advanced that the agricultural representatives wanted to know "what budget our president is willing to put on the table to fix the ruin." However, and as happened during the meeting with the Ministry of Labor, the agricultural representatives left empty-handed. "Not one euro" offered Fernández Vara to solve the situation in the countryside, Cortes lamented. The mood warmed even more when the police intervened after those present threw down the security fences, an option that had previously been considered as a "symbol" of "rejection of the lack of measures." In the brief disagreement, a journalist for Canal Extremadura TV was injured during the launch of sticks and bottles.

The "success" of the protest in Mérida was reproduced in Murcia, where the most massive concentration was recorded, with about 7,000 people and about 400 tractors, said the organizers, figures that exceeded expectations. According to the representative of COAG, Miguel Padilla, the mobilizations are a "cry to the desperate one" for the survival of the agricultural activity, due to its strong economic weight in the region. Padilla regretted the "impossible to bear" prices that farmers receive, given that production costs exceed income. A situation that has been further aggravated by the double rise of the SMI.

In Tarragona, more than 200 tractors were concentrated in Tortosa, where attendees revealed another major problem in the Spanish field: unfair competition from third-country products that are sold at a lower price and do not meet the demanding EU requirements . Similar figures were recorded in Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara), where another 200 tractors and about 200 farmers on foot took to the streets in protest of the lack of profitability of their farms.


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