The extradition request for the exjuez fled to Spain advances in the Supreme Court of Peru

The extradition request for the exjuez fled to Spain advances in the Supreme Court of Peru

The process initiated by the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office to request the extradition of former César Hinostroza to Spain, accused of leading a great corruption plot within the judiciary and fled to Spain when he was prohibited from leaving the country, today took his first step in the Peruvian Supreme Court.

The documentation presented by the Office of the Prosecutor was approved by Judge Hugo Núñez, in charge of the Preparatory Investigation Court of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru, which subsequently referred it to the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the same body for it to be reviewed at second instance.

Likewise, Judge Núñez asked Spain to issue a mandate of preventive detention for the purpose of extradition, which has been fulfilled since last Friday, when Hinostroza was arrested near Madrid and then held in provisional prison in Madrid's Soto del Real prison.

Once the request for extradition is approved by the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, the file will be sent to the Peruvian Government for it to be sent to the Spanish authorities through the corresponding diplomatic channels.

Hinostroza was removed and disqualified for ten years by Congress, which also approved criminal charges for illegal sponsorship, incompatible negotiation, influence peddling and criminal organization.

The ex-judge presided over the Second Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court and was the highest ranking judge of "Los collos blancos del puerto", a network of influence peddling, favors and prevarication that also involved politicians and businessmen.

In the recordings of the telephone conversations that revealed the scandal, Hinostroza is heard, among other negotiations, offering absolution for the rapist of a minor of 11 years.

The exjuez took advantage of the delay of the Congress in sending the complaint to the Prosecutor's Office to escape by the border with Ecuador on Sunday, the 7th day of the regional and municipal elections, thanks to the presumed connivance of an official of the migratory control.

Next, Hinostroza traveled to Madrid to meet in the Spanish capital with his wife, Gloria Gutiérrez, also investigated for the same case, and request political asylum, but hours later was arrested in compliance with an international arrest warrant issued by Judge Núñez .


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