November 30, 2020

The extra hour in Zamora, the best paid in the metal sector in Spain

Zamorano metal workers are the ones who receive the most compensation from all of Spain for each extraordinary hour of work they do, 150% more than they earn per ordinary hour.

This is clear from the report of the "Collective Bargaining in the Metal Industry in 2018" prepared by the employers Confemetal, which explains that most of the agreements calculate and establish the remuneration of overtime, although not all.

Most establish the prices of extra hours in the salary tables or with a surcharge on the ordinary, an increase that is usually greater for those carried out on Sundays and holidays.

Among the provinces that set a surcharge, the increments range between 40% over the value of the ordinary hour of Guipúzcoa, Jaén or Zaragoza, up to 175% of Zamora, 125% of Toledo or 100% of Alicante and Badajoz.

There are cases in which the extra hour has the same value as the ordinary one, as is the case of Lleida, which also will not be considered extraordinary if they do not exceed 57 hours on the annual working day (1,769 hours).

Other agreements, such as Las Palmas, leave the compensation of extra hours in the hands of each company and unions, although with the guideline that can not be less than 30% of the value of the ordinary hour.

In others, greater compensation is specified depending on when they are carried out, as in Jaén, where 84 minutes of rest are recommended for each extra hour worked from Monday to Friday and 90 minutes, in the case of weekends. .

And it is that the Workers Statute establishes the possibility of delimiting the form to compensate the extra hours, by means of its economic payment or compensating them with rest to enjoy in the four months following its realization, an option to which a good number are received of provincial agreements.

According to data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA), manufacturing workers in 2018 performed some 1,103 extra hours each week, of which 760 hours were paid and 343 hours were left unpaid.

In this sense, a CCOO report on "The unpaid extension of working hours" indicates that last year the manufacturing industry saved 1,772 million euros with unpaid overtime.

The following table shows, by provinces, the way in which extra hours are paid (cash, at rest or mixed) and the amount of compensation:

CCAAFORMACOMPENSACIÓNÁlavaDescanso1: 45 hours per hour extraAlbaceteDineraria45% másAlicanteMixta75% or 100% more (Sundays and holidays) AlmeríaMixtaAl least 50% másAsturiasMixtaSegún tablasÁvilaMixta50% more or 2 hours per hour extraBadajozDineraria100% másBaleares BarcelonaMixtaSegún tablasBurgosMixtaSegún tablasCáceresMixtaAl least 75% másCádizMixtaAl least 45% or 1 , 5 hours for each hour extraCantabriaMixta75% more or reduction of the equivalent working dayCastellónMixta50% more (daytime hours) or 75% more (night or holiday) Ciudad RealMixta75% more or equivalent rest timeCórdobaDinerariaAccording toCoruñaMixta60% more working and 75% more on festiveCuencaMixta75% moreGeronaDressOnly for the extra structural hoursGranadaDineraria60% moreGuadalajaraMixtaAccording to a specific formulaGuipúzcoaMixta40% more (working) 65% more (festive). 1:20 or 1:40 hours of restHaveMixtaAccording to tablesHuescaMixtaAbout 40% and 75% more according to scheduleJaénMixtaAbout 40% and 60% or between 84 and 96 minutesLeónDineraria75% moreLéridaMixtaIndual than ordinary timeLugo MadridMixtaAccording to legislation or with 1:45 hoursMálagaMixta75% more or rest time equivalent plus 4.77 euros per hour MurciaMixta40% more NavarraMixtaVoluntary average of 2016 plus salary increaseOrenseMixta50% morePalenciaMixtaAccording to tablesLas PalmasDinerariaAt least 30% morePontevedraDinerariaAccording to tablesLa RiojaMixtaAmong 40% and 75% more according to schedule SalamancaMixta75% more or 1:45 hours for each extra hour SegoviaMixtaAntre 45% and 65% more or 2 hours for each extra hourSevillaMixtaAccording to tables or 1:20 hours for each hour extraSoriaMixtaAccording to tablesTarragona TenerifeMixta75% more or 1:30 hours for each hour extraTeruelMixtaMinimo of 13.70 euros / hour or between 1:45 and 2 hours for each hour extraToledoDineraria125% moreValenciaDestination ValladolidDine rariaAccording to tablesVizcayaSleep between 1:30 and 1:45 hours, with a surcharge.ZamoraMixta175% more or equivalent restMaragozaMixtaAmong 40% and 75% more according to schedule

(*) The provinces that appear in white do not have an agreement in force or do not include this aspect, so there is no data available.

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