Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

The expected reunion of Kiko and Sofia ended in a kiss

The expected expulsion of Kiko Jimenez from
It would provoke several important moments in Guadalix. The first would be to know the reaction of Estela, her great friend so far. The second was to discover what will happen from now on with the relationship between the Andalusian and Sofia Suescun. Although everything pointed to rupture, it was not long before be given a kiss.

The queen of realities from Telecinco decided to go to the house of Big Brother to talk to her yet couple about that special relationship he had with his confinement partner. The first contact did not presage anything good, since the Navarre asked him if he still remembered his name.

"Do you remember my name? I ask you because because I am a summer love, you don't know anything about my life ”, he was throwing at a disbeliever Kiko who only expected a hug and a kiss from his beloved. "I think you have forgotten me, especially I believe the moment you get under the comforter with someone," said Suescun very angry.

The newly expelled defended himself by ensuring that there had only been "love" and that with Estela I had only "had a friendship". But she returned to the attack and reminded her of the number of moments and looks that had been seen in recent days: "At the time there is sexual attraction, it ceases to be friendship."

'GH VIP 7': Maite Galdeano observes how her daughter couldn't break up with Kiko live

The extronista then decided to defend himself by attacking the organization of GH VIP 7 for videos that have been shown in the galas. “You know very well how television is and how videos are put”, reminding his partner that they had already had that conversation before the contest began.

"In the curve of life I said that I was in love with you, that you are the woman of my life and it is the truth," a phrase managed to soften Sofia's bad heart, which could not help kissing her boyfriend. Despite the signs of love, the winner of Survivors said she continues to have doubts about their relationship, which has barely turned three months.

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