February 28, 2021

The expansion of Fuego Valyrio

He was born on a night of partying. Sevillian entrepreneurs Juan José Aguaded and Carlos Teijeiro who created the drink "Fuego Valyrio" confess it that way. They began to talk about how it would be a drink that recreates the flammable liquid of the series of which they were followers "Game of Thrones". The financing of the company was thanks to his friends, family and "crazy", explains Aguaded. Now in September they hope to succeed in a second round of financing with investors that allow them to expand. The product is manufactured in Granada and although it started selling only onlin today they already begin to have a presence in bars, restaurants and some large stores. At its launch it became the best selling liquor on Amazon.

The green liquor of 33 degrees has the characteristic that when you shake it you can see reflections, as if you had glitter. It is a very visual product with a spicy touch and cinnamon.

In 2018, sales of Fuego Valyrio exceeded the 30,000 units and the company has billed 250,000 euros in national territory, an amount that Aguaded expects to double for this year. For Game of Thrones fans who have run out of series, there is only the consolation of drinking the destructive fire in the form of a shot.

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