The exorbitant figure that Rocío Flores has spent to save Olga Moreno

Olga Moreno, is congratulated for her contest, by Rocío Flores

Olga Moreno, is congratulated for her contest, by Rocío Flores

It hasn’t been a week since Olga Moreno be crowned as the winner of Survivors 2021 and new secrets and anecdotes continue to emerge from that final that has given so much to talk about.

An end to the party that has been marked by controversy and tongo accusations after the victory of the wife of Antonio David Flores, who will break his silence tonight in a special program, Now olga, in which it will predictably respond to all the information that Rocio Carrasco he told in his documentary Tell the truth to stay alive.

Moreno, who has risen with the 200,000 euros prize, he dueled with the strongest contestants of the entire edition, including influencers Melyssa Pinto and Gianmarco Onestini.

Her triumph has been repeatedly questioned even by her own network colleagues, who found it very strange that the winner of the reality of survival managed to finish off his opponents without even disheveled.

To avoid various speculations, and to end the shadow of a fix, the show’s producer decided make the percentages public in which Olga Moreno clearly stood out with the victory in all the nominations she faced.

However, during yesterday afternoon, the collaborators of Save me They pointed out that Olga’s victory could have a first and last name: Dew Flowers.

A real fortune

As they debated the overwhelming victory of Antonio David Flores’ wife, Kiko Hernandez assured that Rocío Flores would have spent a spectacular amount of money to save Olga and make her the winner of the contest.

The figure to which the collaborator of the Telecinco evening program refers is not 10,000 or 20,000 euros …It’s much higher.

According to the ex – big brother, the daughter of Rocío Carrasco could have spent a whopping 57,600 euros to save her ‘OA’, as she is affectionately called, and to become the great winner last Friday night.


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