The exhumations of the victims of Francoism are for dignity

The exhumations of the victims of Francoism are for dignity

The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, visited this morning the exhumations work of Francoist reprisals that are taking place in the cemetery of Castellón, and has ensured that "it is not a matter of ideology, but of dignity."

Before going to the Forum of Municipal Debate on security held in Castellón, Delgado has gone to the civil cemetery where the ArqueoAntro Scientific Association is working with a grant from the City of Castellón of 15,000 euros to locate the remains of three people shot by the Franco regime between 1939 and 1941.

The minister said that it is necessary to "raise awareness" because "it is not the war of the grandparents", but of "decency, democratic solvency, freedom, past and future" and "to look in the mirror all of us as democrats and as citizens. "

According to Delgado, "there can not be a single dead person in a ditch" and therefore "it is necessary to give that answer for dignity as a country".

The minister recalled that they will celebrate 40 years of the Constitution, which has given us "the most democratic and peaceful period" in the history of Spain.

A Constitution that "can be changed and improved," he added, but that "has given us rights and freedoms that we have to maintain with that dignity that the Socialists have given up to now".

From the Historical Memory Recovery Group they applauded the minister's visit to the works that began last Tuesday at the Castellón cemetery and may have already found the first of the three reprisals that are being sought in the first phase of the Exhumations

The DNA tests that will be carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid will determine whether the remains located in the last days correspond to those of Rafael Prades, the first person that is expected to be located.


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