January 19, 2021

The exhibition Today is Not March 8 highlights the creative force of Canarian artists – La Provincia

The exhibition Today is Not March 8 highlights the creative force of Canarian artists - La Provincia

The project Today is not March 8 It is open to the public from this Wednesday in the Elder Museum of Science and Technology of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, within the events scheduled for the celebration of International Women's Day. This exhibition aims to give visibility to the expressive force of the Canarian creators through images of the work of 23 artists and the documentary More light, in which plastic artists, museum managers and specialists in art and culture participate.

The exhibition Today is not March 8 It is composed of a dozen panels that represent in images a sample of the work of 23 creators, painters and sculptors. In each panel there is a QR code associated with each artist to access, through the mobile phone, web pages or blogs of artists, to websites of museums and documentaries

According to Aurora Moreno, general director of Cultural Promotion of the Government of the Canary Islands, promoter of the event, Today is not March 8 "with the idea of ​​remembering, every day, the need for equity in the culture agendas of institutions and public and private entities and claiming the presence of women in society, recognizing their work in all sectors and putting the Emphasis on the transformative power of culture This exhibition aims to shed light on these issues through the eyes of 23 figures from the Canarian artistic world from different eras, from the 50s, until today, who have developed an important creative work in their careers, and that they see and live the world and art, from very diverse perspectives that are reflected in their work, with different objectives ".

List of artists

Through the 23 panels, the opportunity to show the public is offered the huge list of women from the Canary Islands who made themselves known by using culture as a weapon to contribute to the artistic mission, in this case, in pursuit of a more conscious and equitable society. The exhibition is presented as a great communication exercise of all the values ​​that includes the gender issue in order to position and dignify women, analyzing their roles of yesterday and today.

The creators represented are Ana Beltrá, Carmen Cologan, Shining Kingdom Sarmiento, Ana de La Puente, Conchy Rivero, Ana Luisa Benitez, Cristina Martel, Elvireta Escobio, Fabiola Ubani, Idaira del Castillo, Jane Millares Sall, Laura Gonzalez Cabrera, Lola Massieu, Maribel Nazco, Mariví Gallardo, Marta Mariño, Mercedes Mirazo, Nadia Brito, Pilar Rodiles, Pino Ojeda, Rufina Santana, Valme García and Yolanda Graziani.

The sample Today is not March 8, of itinerant character, wants to be a reference for the local and foreign public that points to their self-knowledge, to enrichment through the contribution of their women. And, according to the curator of the exhibition, Laura García Morales, today, well into the 21st century, "not only do we find ourselves a lot of work to be done, but stagnation and, in many ways, a real setback. to stop raising initiatives with transforming power and not to forget the work of past generations, whose contribution has been more than significant ".

One of the biggest challenges facing modern society is to educate in Equality. After numerous studies, neuroscience, and other disciplines that address gender inequality and violence, affirm that the root of the problem has a fundamentally educational basis. Consequently, the visibility, recognition and presence of women in the professional field, as well as in the artistic and cultural world, have often been reduced and, for generations, their voice has been directly silenced, thus nullifying the invaluable contribution of their work, in the face of history and for society as a whole.

The documentary More light

The project is completed with a 30-minute documentary that, under the title More light, explains, through the eyes of plastic artists, managers and managers of museums and specialists in the field, the philosophy proposed in the exhibition, with the aim of positioning the viewer and helping him to establish concepts on the gender issue in the culture and on the actions that are being carried out.

The video offers interesting reflections on the social conditions that move us, and on how these influence us, for the purposes of social and gender equity, in the era of the communications revolution that we are living in today.

At the same time, these artists, managers and activists highlight the urgent need to promote a richer and more sensitive education, as well as the value of art as a high-impact educator and its important transforming power of communities, which is committed to an attitude more conscious, more communicative and more conciliatory. A world that paints better.

In the documentary, Orlando Brito, director of the CAAM; Pedro Lezcano, plastic artist; Aurelia Gil, fashion designer; Nira Santana, plastic artist, video game designer and activist; Pilar Rodiles, plastic artist; Cristina Court, curator of the CAAM; Ana Beltrá, multidisciplinary artist and Cristina Martel, plastic artist.


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