The executives of the ONCE transfer their experience on labor inclusion to Ecuador

The executives of the ONCE transfer their experience on labor inclusion to Ecuador

Executives of the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE) held a working meeting today at the presidential palace of Ecuador, in Quito, where they transferred their experience in the field of disability and labor inclusion.

The meeting was headed by the president of the Plan Whole Life Committee, Rocio González, who together with several ministers analyzed with more than 35 businessmen from different branches ways to promote the investment and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, says an official statement of the Ecuadorian Presidency.

The Executive Councilor for International Relations of the ONCE, Ana Peláez, announced the work carried out by the foundation of the Spanish organization through different integration programs, job training and employment for people with disabilities.

"We come with the eagerness to contribute, collaborate, contribute with our experience so that Ecuador is a living reflection in the field of employment of that commitment to inclusion," Peláez said at the meeting.

The foundation of the ONCE was created in 1988 as an instrument of cooperation and solidarity of the Spanish blind towards other groups of people with disabilities, in order to improve their living conditions.

In this way, it also shares the Spanish experience of the organization itself -with more than eight decades-, with governments and organizations from all over the world.

For her part, Rocío González stated that in order to achieve full labor inclusion it is necessary to promote that people with disabilities are actors who can enjoy their rights, lead a healthy, productive and participative life.

"Guaranteeing job inclusion is a task for everyone." The participation and joint work of the public and private companies is essential to achieve the goals of equity and equality, full participation, global accessibility and inclusion, "said the head of the Plan All Committee. a Life and wife of the president, Lenín Moreno.

The business model of the Ilunion hotel company, ONCE's social enterprise, was also presented at the event. For more than 25 years, it has been committed to creating quality employment for people with disabilities, and is a world reference with more than 50 lines of information. business and around 32 thousand employees, of which 35 percent have disabilities.

The ministers of Foreign Trade, Pablo Campana, also participated in the meeting; of Economy and Finance, Richard Martínez; of Economic and Social Inclusion, Berenice Cordero; of Housing, Xavier Torres; of Work, Raúl Ledesma; and the director of the National Transit Agency, Álvaro Guzmán.


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