June 24, 2021

The Executive Committee of the Philharmonic Orchestra values ​​the removal of Chichon

This is recommended by the OFGC workplace harassment protocol, which was approved in November – five months after the head of production filed the complaint against Chichon. This internal regulation and the Igualia report are the assets that the Executive Commission – made up of Guacimara Medina and Miguel Ángel Pérez (PSOE) and Sara Ramírez (United We Can) – wields to make a decision that clashes with the plans of Antonio Morales (Nueva Canary Islands). The president of the Cabildo, during the last month, has defended Chichon’s work in the OFGC.

Morales has been left alone in the defense of Chichon. Yesterday, after LA PROVINCIA / DLP published the conclusions of the Igualia report, where it blames Chichon for an alleged case of workplace harassment, the opposition parties demanded that the director of Gibraltarian origin not continue to lead the OFGC.

Marco Aurelio Pérez, spokesman for the Popular Party (PP) in the Cabildo, affirmed yesterday that “this case raises two very clear questions.” “First,” he explained, “every time Mr. Antonio Morales uses the word unpolluted to defend his management, what it really means is that behind there is a botch, something badly done, a poorly processed file.” “And second,” he continued, “if there is a clear report, as is the case, the first thing the Cabildo has to do, as a public administration, is to take preventive measures. In a case as serious as this seems, it is the first thing that has to be done, it is the measure that any serious company would adopt ”.

Marco Aurelio Pérez (PP) asks that the director be separated in a preventive manner


Pérez stressed that “Morales’s position is very comfortable” as he does not have any representative on the OFGC Executive Commission “while pressing from outside.” “It is others who have to make decisions,” he added, “and in that role I do not understand very well the position of the representative of Podemos, Sara Ramírez, who is also the Councilor for Equality of the Cabildo. I would like to know what you would say if the alleged victim was someone from your party. ”

Cs points to the ‘tripartite’

Ruymán Santana, spokesman for Ciudadanos (Cs) in the island corporation, went further and called for Chichon’s dismissal. “We demand the unilateral resolution of Karel Mark Chichon’s contract,” he said before pointing out that the “three political groups” that allow “undesirable actions” such as those included in the complaint and against which “Nueva Canarias are supposedly fighting as responsible for this situation. (NC), PSOE and United We Can ”. “It is not worth us”, he continued, “that they fill speeches on effective equality, that they use inclusive languages ​​and give morality lessons to others. They are required to govern and be consistent with what they preach, and not consent to what they say they fight against ”.

Santana considered the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, as the “most responsible” for the situation that the OFGC is experiencing, “who not only continues to be castled in his position of keeping Chichon in office, but also has hijacked the powers of his government, we do not know with what pressure measures, but we understand that they are also very close to harassment ”.

The orange formation spokesman warned that “PSOE and United We Can not be eternally subject, under the threat of NC to break other pacts such as those of the regional government.” “The interests of Gran Canaria and its inhabitants have to be above the interests of Chichon,” he said.

Santana (Cs) demands “the unilateral resolution” of the Chichon contract


Santana recalled that “both the counselor of United We Can, Sara Ramírez, who represents the mixed group in the Executive Commission of the OFGC, of ​​which we are part, and the counselor of Culture, the socialist Guacimara Medina, have the capacity to clean up the Foundation, to reestablish the good name of the orchestra and regain command of the management, redirect the course ”. “They have,” he added, “the tools and the skills, and they know that reason also helps them. If they don’t, we have to wonder why ”. Santana also sent a message to Miguel Ángel Pérez del Pino, member of the executive commission and vice president of the island government, because “he also has his share of responsibility.”

The Cs spokesperson released a notice. “We will be attentive”, he exhorted, “to any decision that is made with respect to the titular director of the OFGC, we will not allow Solomonic decisions that imply breaking the coffers of the Foundation again. Finally, Santana assured that “the facts, the documents that we have seen, the irregularities that we have denounced, motivate a decision that cannot be other than the unilateral termination of Karel Mark Chichon’s contract.”

United We Can and Dutoit

Sara Ramírez (United We Can), Councilor for Equality of the Cabildo and member of the executive committee of the OFGC Foundation, opted yesterday for prudence to analyze the case. “The information”, he clarified, “is reserved and there is not much to say publicly. I believe that the Executive Committee is taking the correct steps to follow to resolve this situation ”. Questioned, as the person responsible for Equality matters, by the recommendation that Chichon made to the women of the OFGC before the visit of Charles Dutoit not to enter his dressing room alone – as stated in the complaint by Isabel Turienzo -, Ramírez stated that “no I know if he said that, but in any case it would not be the correct measure ”. Dutoit was expelled from the Royal Philharmonic in London in 2017 after being accused of sexual harassment by six women. | MA


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